Flash Players Wodpress Plugins

Total flash players plugins - 50
wp-flash Wordpress Plugin Flash animation into WordPress blog posts, pages and RSS feeds. Both Adobe and Ruffle Flash players are supported.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
SpiderVPlayer Wordpress Plugin SpiderVPlayer is a WordPress video plugin that allows you to easily add videos to your website.
Total Downloads: 399.7KDownload Plugin
Buzzsprout Podcasting Wordpress Plugin Pull podcast episodes from your Buzzsprout account and quickly add them to your blog posts with beautiful HTML5 audio players.
Total Downloads: 51.6KDownload Plugin
SWFPut – SWFlash Put Wordpress Plugin SWFPut provides video players for posts and pages and widget areas, as both HTML5 and flash video.
Total Downloads: 6.9KDownload Plugin
Easy Flash Embed Wordpress Plugin Embed Flash easily and standard compliant with SWFObject using only a [swf] shortcode!
Total Downloads: 51.2KDownload Plugin
Better oEmbed Video Wordpress Plugin This plugin prevents Youtube and Vimeo players to block page rendering.
Total Downloads: 0.9KDownload Plugin
Kimili Flash Embed Wordpress Plugin Provides a WordPress interface for SWFObject 2, the best way to embed Flash content on any site.
Total Downloads: 433.7KDownload Plugin
TwitVid Wordpress Plugin Converts links to videos hostet at twitvid.com in your posts or pages to embedded players.
Total Downloads: 2.7KDownload Plugin
Flashfader Wordpress Plugin Put a flash slideshow on your wordpress site
Total Downloads: 26.3KDownload Plugin
WordPress Flash Uploader Wordpress Plugin 'Wordpress Flash Uploader' is a replacement of the internal flash uploader which let you also manage your whole Wordpress installation and s …
Total Downloads: 103.5KDownload Plugin
meta-ographr Wordpress Plugin Retrieves the images of audio/video players in your posts and embeds them as thumbnails on Facebook and other social networks.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Springboard Video Quick Publish Wordpress Plugin With this plugin you will be able to seamlessly add Springboard video players and content to your WordPress site or blog.
Total Downloads: 4.6KDownload Plugin
Ultimate Flash XHTMLizer Wordpress Plugin Turns Flash embed code into well-formed XHTML by escaping object tags on the server side and unescaping them on the client side using JavaScript.
Total Downloads: 1KDownload Plugin
Flash Feed Scroll Reader Wordpress Plugin Flash Feed Scroll Reader is a Adobe Flash Feed Reader with horizontal scrolling.
Total Downloads: 13.7KDownload Plugin
Traffic flash counter Wordpress Plugin Animated traffic flash counter .
Total Downloads: 21.6KDownload Plugin
BP Profile Widgets Wordpress Plugin BP Profile Widgets allows BuddyPress users to embed a music player, video player, photo gallery, and/or a custom text widget on the sidebar of the use …
Total Downloads: 12KDownload Plugin
wp-soundcloud-auto-playmaker Wordpress Plugin Automatically creates soundcloud players, given a soundcloud user or group or single track, for inserting into your posts or into a widget.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
flash-clock-widget Wordpress Plugin Flash Clock Widget allows you to add a flash clock widget to your wordpress. This plugin include 24 different flash clocks.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
WP-SWFObject Wordpress Plugin Insert Flash Movies into WordPress.
Total Downloads: 145.7KDownload Plugin
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