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Total free grabthatfeed plugins - 50
RSS Desktop Notifications Wordpress Plugin This plugin helps subscribe visitors to receive Chrome desktop notifications when you publish new posts.
Total Downloads: 1.1KDownload Plugin
Bonanza – WooCommerce Free Gifts Lite Wordpress Plugin Bonanza Free Gifts Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to run free gifts promotions and lure your shoppers to spend more money with your business.
Total Downloads: 1KDownload Plugin
Free shipping bar WooCommerce, message, popup and alert or Free shipping progress bar Wordpress Plugin Free shipping bar will show a notification bar/popup on your website free shipping progress bar, that will inform how much they should buy to get free …
Total Downloads: 31.9KDownload Plugin
Free Shipping Kit Wordpress Plugin Display a per product FREE Shipping badge on WooCommerce product category and detail pages.
Total Downloads: 0.9KDownload Plugin
wprace Wordpress Plugin This is a plugin that handles a free sms gateway and enables the blog owner to sell sms package or users to send free sms. The owner receives free sms packages that he can resell to his users. It also enables email and sms alerting with social networks keywords monitoring.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
WP Free SSL – Free SSL Certificate for WordPress and force HTTPS Wordpress Plugin Easy SSL Solution - One click free SSL certificate and HTTPS, Fix Insecure content & mixed content. Force WordPress to SSL instantly and download …
Total Downloads: 25.9KDownload Plugin
WC – APG Free Shipping Wordpress Plugin Add to WooCommerce a free shipping based on postcode, state (province), country and a minimum and/or a valid coupon.
Total Downloads: 29.2KDownload Plugin
Free shipping and hide other methods for WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin WooCommerce “Free Shipping” method that allows the shop owner to select and make unavailable any other shipping methods on the same zone when this one …
Total Downloads: 777Download Plugin
Free Images Library – Openverse, Pixabay 3+ Million Images Wordpress Plugin Stunning free images & royalty free stock for your own blog. Find suitable image as per your need from the 1.8+ million royalty free images library.
Total Downloads: 67.6KDownload Plugin
Free customer chat solution Wordpress Plugin Sonetel's free AI assisted website chat and call service for your business saves time, makes your business look professional and increases sales.
Total Downloads: 18.4KDownload Plugin
Freeton WP Wordpress Plugin Let the users login to wordpress website via a Free TON Debot.
Total Downloads: 220Download Plugin
WP Distraction Free View Wordpress Plugin This WordPress plugin will provide you a distraction free view for posts, pages and any custom post type which will help your visitors to effectively …
Total Downloads: 1.2KDownload Plugin
Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin Have you heard of the phrase “WooCommerce free shipping over amount”? This term refers to a feature that can display the amount of free shipping left …
Total Downloads: 52.7KDownload Plugin
Free Shipping Badge Wordpress Plugin This plugin adds a free shipping badge to your woocommerce shop for products that price is higher of limit price that you declare.
Total Downloads: 1.8KDownload Plugin
unset-free-shipping Wordpress Plugin # Unset Free Shipping Plugin that unsets WooCommerce's free shipping. I wrote this plugin because I was having issues disabling the Free Shipping Module in WooCommerce's settings page. This does one thing, and one thing only - removes free shipping, even if it's enabled in the settings page. 1.0 Initial Commit 1.1 Change Name to Unset Free Shipping due to Guidelines
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Free Shipping Notice for WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin Displays the remaining price to receive free shipping on the cart and checkout pages.
Total Downloads: 1.9KDownload Plugin
SSL Zen – Free SSL Certificate & HTTPS/SSL Redirect for WordPress Wordpress Plugin Helps install a free SSL certificate, fixes mixed/insecure content by redirecting to HTTPS and forces SSL on all pages.
Total Downloads: 884.5KDownload Plugin
Free Downloads WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin Allow users to instantly download your free digital products without going through the checkout.
Total Downloads: 159.8KDownload Plugin
Ajax Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin Ajax Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce / Announcement Bar is a free WordPress plugin that gives you ability to add a free shipping bar / announcement …
Total Downloads: 364Download Plugin
Seomator Wordpress Plugin Use as an automated analysis tool and at the same time embed free white label SEO audit tool on your website for your potential clients!
Total Downloads: 2.6KDownload Plugin
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