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Total free service plugins - 50
kostenlose-sms-senden-plugin Wordpress Plugin With this Plugin you can add a "free sms service" to your blog, but its german only and its totaly legal. Upload it, activate it, create a new site and tip in: \#freesmsbox and that was all you have to do. Have fun with your Free SMS Service Plugin.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Total Downloads: 790Download Plugin
Nocaptcha Mail.Ru Wordpress Plugin Adds integration with Nocaptcha Mail.Ru service - free intelligent CAPTCHA service.
Total Downloads: 603Download Plugin
sweetcaptcha-free-great-captcha-service Wordpress Plugin SweetCaptcha is a free Captcha service putting your users and your website at first priority.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
SaFly Curl Patch Wordpress Plugin A plug-in which helps you solve the problems like 'WordPress could not establish a secure connection to' caused by PHP Curl.
Total Downloads: 5.7KDownload Plugin
Two Factor Authentication Wordpress Plugin Add Two Factor Authentication for Wordpress using your smartphone or tablet and the Free Tokenizer service (
Total Downloads: 662Download Plugin
AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin Wordpress Plugin Advertising is easy with AdPlugg. The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin and ad server allow you to easily manage, schedule, rotate and track your ads.
Total Downloads: 157.9KDownload Plugin
Free customer chat solution Wordpress Plugin Sonetel's free AI assisted website chat and call service for your business saves time, makes your business look professional and increases sales.
Total Downloads: 18.4KDownload Plugin
Share Post Shortcode Wordpress Plugin This is a shortcode in post content which enables you to share your favorite posts with url only.
Total Downloads: 796Download Plugin
wpurl Wordpress Plugin wpurl is a cost free and Ad free URL redirection service (also known as URL forwarding) allowing anyone with a website to register a free subdomain and redirect it to their real URL!
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
WpRightOnTime Wordpress Plugin Every WordPress schedule right on time! Make sure your scheduled events happen exactly when you want. Use it to automate your backups, newsletters, s …
Total Downloads: 703Download Plugin
Country Blocker Wordpress Plugin This plugin "hides" Your WordPress site from traffic that is coming from any Country (you do not select).
Total Downloads: 2.3KDownload Plugin
easy-webradio-gratis-player Wordpress Plugin Widget that plays your web radio system service, free internet web radio with shoutcast and centovacast.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
CloudGuard Wordpress Plugin Use Cloudflare's free geolocation service to restrict access to your site's login page.
Total Downloads: 19.4KDownload Plugin
roti Wordpress Plugin Roti provides related contents to blog posts, using linguistic and statistical techniques. Content suggestions will be done by Roti server, a free service by Opendream. Roti database currently focus on Thai-language blogs.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
woocaptcha-for-woocommerce Wordpress Plugin Woocaptcha is a plugin for WooCommerce which integrates reCAPTCHA™ into your site to prevent bots from abusing your shop. reCAPTCHA™ is a free service offered by Google that generates a CAPTCHA ( to prevent bots.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Custom Icons for Elementor Wordpress Plugin Add custom icon fonts to the built in Elementor icon controls
Total Downloads: 193.4KDownload Plugin
Spam Oborona YandexCleanWeb Wordpress Plugin The fight against spam in comments by free service Yandex .NET Web
Total Downloads: 694Download Plugin
YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter Wordpress Plugin Use YOURLS (a free GPL URL shortener service) to create short URLs of your posts, or for your BuddyPress groups and users
Total Downloads: 89.9KDownload Plugin
WP ourSTATS Widget Wordpress Plugin - the free statistics counter without registration. This plugin create a widget for the counter service
Total Downloads: 1.9KDownload Plugin
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