Ga WordPress Plugins

Total ga plugins - 24
JivoChat Live Chat [Official] With JivoChat Live Chat you can chat with visitors on your website to increase conversion and sales. Free version is available! Add Live Chat to your
Total Downloads: 18.6K Download Plugin
Intercom The official WordPress plugin, built by Intercom. Chat with your website visitors in real-time, capture them as leads, and convert them to customers.
Total Downloads: 16.4K Download Plugin
WordPress Gallery Plugin WP Gallery is a responsive gallery plugin with focus on ease of use and best experience for visitors with any device.
Total Downloads: 13.5K Download Plugin
BuddyPress Private Messages for Friends Only This plugin only allows friends and site administrators to send private messages on your BuddyPress site.
Total Downloads: 7.6K Download Plugin
Pinterest for Galleries Add a pin-it button on every image of every WordPress gallery! Let readers to easily pin your picture!
Total Downloads: 4.5K Download Plugin
sxss Signature Adds a customizable signature under posts, pages and feed content.
Total Downloads: 4.5K Download Plugin
Postcards Transform every WordPress gallery in a postcards system!
Total Downloads: 4.4K Download Plugin
WooCommerce Parcelas Adiciona quantidade de parcelas e o valor de cada parcela, nas páginas que listam todos os produtos e na página individual de cada produto.
Total Downloads: 4K Download Plugin
Skysa Scroll-to-Top App Animated scroll-to-top, button floats unobtrusively at the bottom of your site. A great convenience feature for your visitors.
Total Downloads: 4K Download Plugin
Buddypress Component Stats Obtain buddypress components stats (Forums, Groups, Blogs, Comments, Activity, Friends) about the most active users in each of these components.
Total Downloads: 3.8K Download Plugin
Advanced Posts Widget A powerful and flexible recent posts widget for WordPress for displaying customized content lists. Supports all custom post types and taxonomies!
Total Downloads: 2.5K Download Plugin
TinyMCE Custom Styles Improve TinyMCE visual editor by adding custom editor stylesheets and a configurable styles dropdown.
Total Downloads: 2.2K Download Plugin
login-warning-banner The Login Warning Banner plugin for WordPress allows an administrator to create a custom, pre-authentication, warning header and message. The plugin
Total Downloads: 1.8K Download Plugin
Meetup Create local meetup events
Total Downloads: 1.6K Download Plugin
Latest Posts MultiSite Widget Display latest posts from other site in network.
Total Downloads: 1.5K Download Plugin
Wp Sup Contact Form WP Sup Contact Form, display contact form field on the post/page easy using Shortcode. This contact form support for file attachment or file upload.
Total Downloads: 1.4K Download Plugin
Kiss Insights Enables Kiss Insights on your WordPress powered blog!
Total Downloads: 1.4K Download Plugin
KloudStores Shopping Cart Plugin Easily add an online shopping cart to your blog. This plugin will create a store for you and automatically link it in your blog.
Total Downloads: 403 Download Plugin
Save to foursquare Shortcode Add the "Save to foursquare" button to posts with a simple WordPress Shortcode.
Total Downloads: 340 Download Plugin
Content Expiration & Redirect A simple plugin that lets you schedule posts or pages to expire - and where you would like the post or page to redirect to when it has expired.
Total Downloads: 339 Download Plugin