Group Administrator Wodpress Plugins

Total group administrator plugins - 50
BP Group Documents Wordpress Plugin BP Group Documents creates a page within each BuddyPress group to upload and any type of file or document.
Total Downloads: 52.2KDownload Plugin
Buddypress Group CSS Wordpress Plugin Allows a Buddypress group administrator to customise their group with CSS via the "Group Custom CSS" tab under the group's Admin page.
Total Downloads: 5.6KDownload Plugin
Buddypress User Registration Auto Group Wordpress Plugin This plugin create a new Group when a new user sign up.
Total Downloads: 3.5KDownload Plugin
External Group RSS tab extension Wordpress Plugin Adds tab in the Buddypress groups for external blog RSS feeds posts of group activity
Total Downloads: 1.4KDownload Plugin
BuddyPress Group Tags Wordpress Plugin Categorize BuddyPress groups using tags. Show a clickable tag cloud above the group listings or as a widget.
Total Downloads: 17.3KDownload Plugin
BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation Wordpress Plugin Extend restricting group creation with mappings to WordPress Capabilities and various thresholds
Total Downloads: 14.6KDownload Plugin
BuddyPress Registration Widget Wordpress Plugin Display BuddyPress Registration form as a Widget using this Plugin.
Total Downloads: 18.3KDownload Plugin
No Comment Wordpress Plugin No Comment is a simple way to remove email notification for just one person out of your list of blog administrators.
Total Downloads: 6.9KDownload Plugin
BP Group Frontpage Wordpress Plugin Creates a Group Frontpage from a form BuddyPress Group Admins fill out. Like a book cover.
Total Downloads: 12.2KDownload Plugin
Bp Group Control Wordpress Plugin BP Group Control is a set of tools that gives group admins the ability to create new members for their groups, add existing users to their groups, dir …
Total Downloads: 5.1KDownload Plugin
BadgeOS Group Management Add-on Wordpress Plugin Enhances sites running BuddyPress and BadgeOS by joining users to one or more specified groups when they use a special Invite Code to join your site.
Total Downloads: 3.2KDownload Plugin
BP Group Management Wordpress Plugin Allows site administrators to manage group membership on versions of BuddyPress earlier than 1.7.
Total Downloads: 37.1KDownload Plugin
BuddyPress Group Twitter Wordpress Plugin Attach Twitter accounts to a BuddyPress group then aggregate and track tweets within that group.
Total Downloads: 4.8KDownload Plugin
BP Groups CiviCRM Sync Wordpress Plugin Enables two-way synchronisation between BuddyPress groups and CiviCRM groups.
Total Downloads: 2.7KDownload Plugin
DC Role Wordpress Plugin With DC Role you can show users information on your pages depending on their role. A lightweight, userfriendly alternative to member/subscription syst …
Total Downloads: 0.9KDownload Plugin
BP Group Reviews Wordpress Plugin Adds a reviews/rating section to BuddyPress groups. As seen on the
Total Downloads: 11.2KDownload Plugin
BP Group Hierarchy Propagate Wordpress Plugin Enables propagation of Activity Items through a hierarchy of BuddyPress Groups established by the BP Group Hierarchy plugin.
Total Downloads: 3.4KDownload Plugin
BuddyPress Group Topic Tags Wordpress Plugin This humble plugin shows a tag cloud of all the topic tags for just a single buddypress group. It is displayed above the group forum directory.
Total Downloads: 2KDownload Plugin
BP Group Categories/Types Wordpress Plugin !!alpha-release!! Allows you to categorize your groups in buddypress. (ex. Systems->Xbox 360->Games->Halo 3->Legendary Map Pack)
Total Downloads: 3.5KDownload Plugin
BuddyPress Default Group Avatar Wordpress Plugin Adds a default group avatar to BuddyPress without disabling Gravatars for users.
Total Downloads: 2.9KDownload Plugin
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