Iphone WordPress Plugins

Total iphone plugins - 195
WPtouch Mobile Plugin Make your WordPress website mobile-friendly with just a few clicks.
Total Downloads: 9.6M Download Plugin
SEO by SQUIRRLYT SEO Plugin By Squirrly is for the NON-SEO experts. Get Excellent SEO with Better Content, Ranking and Analytics. For Both Humans and Search Bots.
Total Downloads: 1.7M Download Plugin
WP Retina 2x Make your website look beautiful and crisp on modern displays by creating and displaying retina images. WP 4.4+ is also supported and enhanced.
Total Downloads: 1.6M Download Plugin
Clef Two-Factor Authentication Modern two-factor that people love to use: strong authentication without passwords or tokens; single sign on/off; magical login experience.
Total Downloads: 1.4M Download Plugin
Post video players, slideshow albums, photo galleries and music / podcast playlist Post your videos, photo galleries/flash slideshows, music and playlists easily and in seconds.
Total Downloads: 1M Download Plugin
Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin No. 1 Podcasting plugin for WordPress, with simple & advanced modes, players, subscribe tools, and more! Supports iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher...
Total Downloads: 1M Download Plugin
WordPress Mobile Pack The NEW WordPress Mobile Pack allows you to 'package' your existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application.
Total Downloads: 0.9M Download Plugin
All In One Favicon Easily add a Favicon to your site and the WordPress admin pages. Complete with upload functionality. Supports all three Favicon types (ico,png,gif).
Total Downloads: 784.7K Download Plugin
Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator Create and install your favicon for all platforms: PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android devices, Windows 8 tablets...
Total Downloads: 542.5K Download Plugin
Mobile Apps by Wiziapp (Native iPhone & Android mobile Apps) Create stunning iPhone & Android mobile Apps in minutes. Fully customizable. Unlimited push notification. Gain new audience in mobile App stores
Total Downloads: 468.9K Download Plugin
MP3-jPlayer Easy, Flexible Audio for WordPress.
Total Downloads: 357.1K Download Plugin
Stream Video Player Stream Video Player for WordPress its one stop solution for high quality video publishing for web or iOS.
Total Downloads: 339.9K Download Plugin
Ktai Style "Ktai Style" provides lightweight pages and simple admin interfaces for mobile phones.
Total Downloads: 271.7K Download Plugin
MobilePress MobilePress is a plugin for WordPress that renders a mobile friendly version of your WordPress website or blog.
Total Downloads: 263.9K Download Plugin
SlideDeck 1 Lite Content Slider Create SlideDecks on your WordPress blogging platform. Manage SlideDeck content and insert them into templates and posts.
Total Downloads: 246.9K Download Plugin
Add Movie Trailers and Games Trailers to your site Add Movie Trailers and Game Trailers to your site or create your own IMDB site
Total Downloads: 244K Download Plugin
EasyRotator for WordPress - Slider Plugin Add beautiful, responsive EasyRotator photo rotators and sliders to your WordPress site in seconds.
Total Downloads: 231.1K Download Plugin
WP Mobile Edition Is a complete toolkit to mobilize your WordPress site. It has a mobile switcher and Mobile themes.
Total Downloads: 182.3K Download Plugin
Easy Video Player Easy Video Player is a WordPress video player that allows you to embed videos into your WordPress site.
Total Downloads: 160.6K Download Plugin
Hana Flv Player Easily embed videos(Flash & HTML5) in your WordPress featuring Flowplayer(version 2, 3, and 5), OS FLV player, FLV Player Maxi, and MediaElement.j
Total Downloads: 149.7K Download Plugin