Leave Original Png Images Wodpress Plugins

Total leave original png images plugins - 50
PNG to JPG Wordpress Plugin Convert PNG images to JPG, free up web space and speed up your webpage
Total Downloads: 88KDownload Plugin
byrev-wp-picshield-hotlink-defence Wordpress Plugin Images Hotlink Protection for Your Wordpress Websites; Anti-Hotlinking images/photos - Extensive Plugin for Watermark Pictures and images links redirect to the original page, based on Invalid Refferers and Boot.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
YD Recent Images Wordpress Plugin Recent images in a Widget
Total Downloads: 9.6KDownload Plugin
SmugMug Widget Wordpress Plugin A simple widget for displaying the most recent public images from a SmugMug account.
Total Downloads: 2KDownload Plugin
original-image-handler Wordpress Plugin This plugin will resize big images to a smaller size and remove the original image after resizing it to save diskspace.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Original texts Yandex WebMaster Wordpress Plugin Add your content in the service of Yandex Webmaster Original texts, in prema publications or save
Total Downloads: 61.9KDownload Plugin
Protect Original Images Wordpress Plugin WordPress plugin to make your images in original size not exposed to the world.
Total Downloads: 563Download Plugin
JS-SWITCH Wordpress Plugin Js-Scrollbox that scroll images of gray-scale and showing original image on hover.
Total Downloads: 1.3KDownload Plugin
Imsanity Wordpress Plugin Imsanity automatically resizes huge image uploads. Are contributors uploading huge photos? Tired of manually resizing your images? Imsanity to the res …
Total Downloads: 3.2MDownload Plugin
WP Subdomains (Revisited) Wordpress Plugin Setup your main categories, pages, and authors as subdomains with custom themes. Surely will come for more options...
Total Downloads: 13.2KDownload Plugin
WP Original Media Path Wordpress Plugin Change the location for the uploads folder for WordPress
Total Downloads: 112.2KDownload Plugin
Add Linked Images To Gallery Wordpress Plugin Makes local copies of all the linked images in a post, adding them as gallery attachments.
Total Downloads: 33.3KDownload Plugin
What should we write about next Wordpress Plugin What should we write about next allows your users to quickly leave feedback at the end of your posts.
Total Downloads: 3.5KDownload Plugin
Cache Images Wordpress Plugin Goes through your posts and gives you the option to cache all hotlinked images from a domain locally in your upload folder
Total Downloads: 43.2KDownload Plugin
Big image browser Wordpress Plugin Full screen view of images that is in topic page. Keys navigated.
Total Downloads: 869Download Plugin
SimpleJPEGQuality Wordpress Plugin SimpleJPEGQuality is a plugin that adds a JPEG quality setting to the WordPress media settings page, which is used to determine the image quality of t …
Total Downloads: 38.8KDownload Plugin
Import external attachments Wordpress Plugin Makes local copies of all the linked images and pdfs in a post, adding them as gallery attachments.
Total Downloads: 20.1KDownload Plugin
IW Magnific Popup Wordpress Plugin A plugin to include the Magnific Popup lightbox for single & gallery images in WordPress.
Total Downloads: 18.9KDownload Plugin
Advanced Author Exposed Wordpress Plugin The plugin links a hidden DIV (layer) with information about the author to any item on a page.
Total Downloads: 3.7KDownload Plugin
Image Annotations Wordpress Plugin Image Annotations plugin lets readers to leave annotations to the selected area of the image in comments.
Total Downloads: 1.3KDownload Plugin
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