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custom-seo-links-for-pages Wordpress Plugin I developed this plugin for my personal use and now i thought this might be use full for others too. Have you ever wanted to add custom links for each page on side bar ?i am not talking about related links or fixed links for every page. This plugin can add custom links for each page separately and can let you modify them(add/delete) using the plugin panel.
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broken-link-checker-pro Wordpress Plugin Checks your blog for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found. Features * Monitors links in your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional). * Detects links that don't work, missing images and redirects. * Notifies you either via the Dashboard or by email. * Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional). * Prevents search engines from following broken links (optional). * You can search and filter links by URL, anchor text and so on. * Links can be edited directly from the plugin's page, without manually updating each post. * Highly configurable. * Checks,,, etc Links. * Full Access
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serial-links Wordpress Plugin Author: Ramana Raju.S, KTree This plugin allows you to assign a Serial name, using custom fields, to your posts and then automatically displays a list of related links which have the same Serial name when viewing this post. You can create as many Serial Links as you need, therefore allowing you to create multiple groupings of links. Designed for authors who wish to group links into series - independantly of the usual Wordpress Category and Tag structure - its usage does not have to be limited to this. You can create as many different Serial Links as you wish, and assign these to any posts that you wish to group together to create a wide variety of "related links" or other link groupings. Key Features * Allows you to assign links post to a Serial, using custom fields, and then displays a list of all links assigned to the same Serial in your single post page (usually single.php or index.php). * The Serial Links list is added to your single post page either by inserting the [seriallinks] shortcode in the Post editor or by using the Serial Links template tag in your single.php or index.php theme file. * The position of the Serial Links list on your page is determined by where you insert the shortcode in your post, or where you insert the Serial Links template tag in your single.php or index.php template file, depending on which method is used (shortcode or template tag). * You can create as many different Serial Links as you wish. * Configurable Heading for the Serial Links list. * Valid xhtml output. * Highly customisable CSS styling of the Heading and Serial Links list. * Compatible with Wordpress Mu. Further information Comprehensive information on installing, configuring and using the plugin can be found at
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dynamic-internal-links Wordpress Plugin Sets up a shortcode for links generated by the new internal links interface in WordPress 3.1 so that if the URL structure is changed or the site is moved, the links won't get broken.
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Auto Affiliate Links Wordpress Plugin Automatically display affiliate links in your website content so you can make more money. You can specify the keywords and affiliate links you want to …
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affiliate-tool Wordpress Plugin This plugin will hides the long url links that contains referral id into something like you can also track the links clicked by visitor
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Menu Rocker Wordpress Plugin Provides Custom links at each page from available menus
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WP No External Links Wordpress Plugin Convert all external links into internal or nofollow links!
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RSS Links Manager Wordpress Plugin Manage and customise your RSS feed links.
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Pagination Rel Links Wordpress Plugin Add rel links for all paginated pages.
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Better WordPress External Links Wordpress Plugin Gives you total control over external links on your website.
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Wel!Amazon Adds Wordpress Plugin The Plugin Wel!Amazon Adds is an easy way to include Amazon links into your WordPress Blog.
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WP G2A Goldmine CD Keys Affiliate Wordpress Plugin Search, Add & Manage G2A Goldmine REF Links. Display them direclty in your Wordpress! Earn money easily on every purchase your visitors make!
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WebMFT: Plugin SEO useful Wordpress Plugin New release 1.8! Add GoTo (hide external Links)!
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BBP DoFollow Wordpress Plugin A helpful tool to makes your bbpress internal links dofollow and external links nofollow.
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Advanced Remove Links in Comments Wordpress Plugin Remove links in comments based on article publication date and comment length.
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SEO Internal Links Revisited Wordpress Plugin SEO Internal Links plugin create internal links for your site automatically, base on keyword, tag, category, nofollow or many other features.
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Comment Link Manager Wordpress Plugin CLM enables admins to disable author links, open links in new window, and remove the nofollow tag from links that are left in comments by visitors.
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Quick Admin Links Wordpress Plugin Widget to add useful admin links on every page, allowing you to add new posts/pages, edit existing posts/pages, go to the admin, or log out.
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affiliate-links-lite Wordpress Plugin Create any redirect links to any website from your WordPress Admin. Perfect for the affiliate links masking.
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