Mailchimp Form WordPress Plugins

Total mailchimp form plugins - 15
Jamie Social Icons Share your posts & pages with your favourite social sites - Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest And LinkedIn and now trackable with your Goo
Total Downloads: 35.4K Download Plugin
Interactive Content - H5P Create and add rich content to your website for free. Some examples of what you get with H5P are Interactive Video, Quizzes, Collage and Timeline.
Total Downloads: 21.7K Download Plugin
Storefront Hamburger Menu Storefront Hamburger Menu turns the default handheld navigation into an off-screen sidebar menu with a "hamburger" toggle.
Total Downloads: 13.3K Download Plugin
All-in-one Facebook Like Widget All-in-one Facebook Like Widget. Lets you quickly add a Like Button, activity stream and/or a Fanbox to your WordPress site (as a widget).
Total Downloads: 7.6K Download Plugin
Relevant AdSense Ads Help Google AdSense distinguish what content is relevant on your website.
Total Downloads: 7.5K Download Plugin Question Widget Easily allows you to place a question box on your sidebar and a shortcode to display your recently answered questions on any page or pos
Total Downloads: 4.9K Download Plugin
PBP IUL Increase upload size limit up to more & more.
Total Downloads: 4.9K Download Plugin
Social Media Shortcode Pack Registers shortcodes for your posts, pages, or post types that display user profile links to various social media websites.
Total Downloads: 4.9K Download Plugin
Comment Spamtrap This plugin adds 2 form fields to the comment form (hidden by CSS) to detect spam bots that autofill all form fields they find
Total Downloads: 2.1K Download Plugin
Stats for S2Member This plugin adds basic statistics to the S2Member Plugin showing how many member signups in the current month & details of member's expiring.
Total Downloads: 2.1K Download Plugin
The Online Booking Calendar Widget The Online Booking System Sidebar Widget will enable WP-OBS PRO users to simply Services links to thier website sidebars.
Total Downloads: 2.1K Download Plugin
Automatic Comment Scheduler A plugin that automatically schedules pending comments for approval, depending on a min/max threshold and the last comment's publish date and tim
Total Downloads: 2.1K Download Plugin
SCuD - The ShortCode Disabler Allows you to disable ShortCodes on a per post/page basis.
Total Downloads: 539 Download Plugin
Sell tickets with Port Easily sell tickets directly from your WordPress site. Simple, beautiful design. Plugin ensures proper user experience of "Buy Tickets" button.
Total Downloads: 38 Download Plugin
PRyC WP: 404 to Homepage 301 redirect Redirect any "not found" (404) page to homepage with 301 (SEO) redirect code + Google Analytics (utm_source=404&utm_medium=Redirect&
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin