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Total org support forums plugins - 50
bbPress Support Forum Checked by Default Wordpress Plugin Checks the "This is a support topic" checkbox by default on bbpress support forums.
Total Downloads: 2.1KDownload Plugin
bbpress-vip-support-plugin Wordpress Plugin The GetShopped support forums plugin is used with bbPress to transform your forums into a support forum.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
TL;DR Wordpress Plugin Too Long; Didn't Read.
Total Downloads: 862Download Plugin
Private forums visibility Wordpress Plugin For bbPress - displays private forums titles and optional descriptions to non-logged in users, and optionally hides the prefix 'private'
Total Downloads: 3.3KDownload Plugin
Muut – Commenting and Forums Re-Imagined Wordpress Plugin Muut represents a complete re-imagination of what internet discussion forums and commenting should be. It’s a modern, fast, highly scalable discussion …
Total Downloads: 31.2KDownload Plugin
Buddy-bbPress Support Topic Wordpress Plugin bbPress plugin to manage your support requests.
Total Downloads: 15.8KDownload Plugin
Health Check & Troubleshooting Wordpress Plugin Health Check identifies common problems, and helps you troubleshoot plugin and theme conflicts.
Total Downloads: 3MDownload Plugin
Phpinfo Wordpress Plugin Prints out your webservers php settings as well as other information about your WordPress installation.
Total Downloads: 15.1KDownload Plugin
SpectrOM DB Cleanup Wordpress Plugin Removes unnecessary data with Reporting features. Reduces Site Crash and Downtime.
Total Downloads: 1.8KDownload Plugin
GD Forum Manager for bbPress Wordpress Plugin Expand how the moderators can manage forum content from the frontend, from any page showing list of topics or forums.
Total Downloads: 2.8KDownload Plugin
Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search Wordpress Plugin Contributors: jtsternberg, underblob Plugin Name: Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search and Custom Menus Plugin URI: http://dsgnwrks.
Total Downloads: 96.5KDownload Plugin
custom-fields-registration-restrict-content Wordpress Plugin This is an add-on for the Restrict Content plugin. It does not function on its own. This plugin will add support for limiting bbPress forums and topics to paid subscribers only. It makes it exceptionally easy to have custom fields, Location, Zip, Phone, Street...etc This add-on is still in beta so please let me know any feedback you have. For more help contact me!
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
restrict-content-pro-bbpress Wordpress Plugin Adds support for restricting bbPress forums and topics to paid members with Restrict Content Pro
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
bbPress Slack Integration Wordpress Plugin Send notifications of new bbPress topics and replies to a Slack channel.
Total Downloads: 1.8KDownload Plugin
Multisite bbPress Slave Wordpress Plugin Make sub sites use the main site's bbPress forums
Total Downloads: 868Download Plugin
buddypress-forums-posts-since-last-visit Wordpress Plugin /* Plugin Name: BuddyPress Group Forums - Posts Since Last Visit Plugin URI: Description: Keeps track of the 25 most recent topics a user has visited and "lights up" a new post icon if there are new posts in the thread. TEMPLATE EDIT REQUIRED: open forums-loop.php, find , and after that, add: Change the number of recent topics stored per user by changing the $record_limit value in the main plugin file. Future development should include a "new posts in thread" indicator and a "mark all read" link. If you found this plugin useful, and to support further development, please consider a small donation. Thanks! Version: 0.0.3 Author: 3sixty Author URI: */
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Golden Ticket Wordpress Plugin Easily provide incentives for user interactions.
Total Downloads: 2.4KDownload Plugin
AutoAds Premiere Wordpress Plugin AutoAds Premiere allows you to quickly display advertisements on your website.
Total Downloads: 638Download Plugin
bbPress Admin Bar Addition Wordpress Plugin This plugin adds useful admin links and resources for the bbPress 2.x Forum Plugin to the WordPress Toolbar / Admin Bar.
Total Downloads: 46.4KDownload Plugin
bbtemplate Wordpress Plugin BBPress Templater - quick creation of BBPress Forums from a predefined template.
Total Downloads: 1.1KDownload Plugin
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