Playback Options Wodpress Plugins

Total playback options plugins - 50
Media Playback Speed Wordpress Plugin Add speed controls to audio and video hosted from your WordPress blog.
Total Downloads: 4.4KDownload Plugin
Flash Media Playback Wordpress Plugin The Flash Media Playback plugin allows you to easily embed a video component hosted by Adobe based on the Open Source Media Framework ().
Total Downloads: 5.1KDownload Plugin
Ez Overlay Wordpress Plugin A simple lightbox plugin designed to enable you to display html content within a popup window using just about any html element as a trigger.
Total Downloads: 3.7KDownload Plugin
Video Analytics Wordpress Plugin Embed multiple videos and track usage/playback via Google Analytics
Total Downloads: 753Download Plugin
S3Player – WooCommerce & Elementor Integration Wordpress Plugin Increase your revenue by up to 70% by preventing your content from being downloaded. DRM Widevine, Playready & Fairplay Playback
Total Downloads: 8.8KDownload Plugin
PressPlay Lite Wordpress Plugin PressPlay Lite automatically adds a play button along side any MP3 link.
Total Downloads: 2KDownload Plugin
s8-sermons Wordpress Plugin A simple yet powerful sermon manager that allows for the easy addition of sermons with video, audio, sermon notes and discussion questions! With simple options for adding and managing media, it is easy to add a new sermon to your website! Some of the features include: * Embed code from services like YouTube and Vimeo for your video * Link straight to a video file for native HTML5 video playback (Flash fallback included) * HTML5 playback with Flash fallback for audio files (uploaded through the WordPress media library or via a URL) * Upload or link to PDF, Word or other document formats for sermon notes and discussion questions * Automatic Podcast feed generated for iTunes This plugin is also designed to easily work with sermon series, but does not require or force you to use them. You can easily pick where you want all your sermons and sermon series listed by adding the following shortcode to any page on your site: [sermons]
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Yoplayer Wordpress Plugin Yoplayer allows you to play videos from your yospaceCDS account in your WordPress website
Total Downloads: 1.1KDownload Plugin
Spoken Word Wordpress Plugin Add text-to-speech (TTS) to content, with playback controls, read-along highlighting, multi-lingual support, and settings for rate, pitch, and voice.
Total Downloads: 3.1KDownload Plugin
Amitabh Bachchan Songs Wordpress Plugin This plugin shows random songs of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in WP admin panel. Mr. Bachchan is an Indian film actor, film producer, television host, occasi …
Total Downloads: 790Download Plugin
MediaElement.js – HTML5 Video & Audio Player Wordpress Plugin MediaElement.js is an HTML5 video and audio player with Flash fallback and captions. Supports IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and iPhone, iPad, And …
Total Downloads: 632.5KDownload Plugin
SpiderVPlayer Wordpress Plugin SpiderVPlayer is a WordPress video plugin that allows you to easily add videos to your website.
Total Downloads: 399.7KDownload Plugin
Bradmax Player Wordpress Plugin Embed video stream easily in WordPress using Bradmax Player. Use responsive HTML5 video player for playing HLS, MPEG-DASH, MS Smooth Streaming streams …
Total Downloads: 32.6KDownload Plugin
Cloudflare Stream Video Wordpress Plugin Cloudflare Stream is an easy-to-use, affordable, on-demand video streaming platform. The Stream video plugin for WordPress lets you upload videos to C …
Total Downloads: 7KDownload Plugin
Custom Options Wordpress Plugin Quickly create, manage and use custom options in your themes!
Total Downloads: 2.6KDownload Plugin
TW Audio Player Wordpress Plugin A simple audio player with the ability to set the playback speed.
Total Downloads: 166Download Plugin
Admin Options Pages Wordpress Plugin Create and edit your own options pages with ease.
Total Downloads: 2.7KDownload Plugin
Options Management Wordpress Plugin A small plugin for developers to manage manually wordpress options.
Total Downloads: 530Download Plugin
Product Configurations Table Wordpress Plugin Displays product options as a table with selectable values.
Total Downloads: 282Download Plugin
ew-player Wordpress Plugin Superior media playback plugin. Supremely easy to install, easy to use, low maintenance, and powerful.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
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