Prevent Page Reload Wodpress Plugins

Total prevent page reload plugins - 50
WP Auto Reload Widgets Wordpress Plugin Wp Auto Reload Widgets plugin allow you to refresh all of widgets in period of time. Set time in seconds and automatically refresh.
Total Downloads: 4.1KDownload Plugin
WooCommerce Ajax Cart Plugin Wordpress Plugin WooCommerce AJAX Cart is a WordPress Plugin that changes the default behavior of WooCommerte Cart Page, allowing a buyer to see the Total price calcul …
Total Downloads: 156.8KDownload Plugin
JKL Timezone Converter Wordpress Plugin A simple Timezone widget and shortcode that allows you to convert time differences and easily plan events or meetings based in other timezones.
Total Downloads: 1.6KDownload Plugin
JKL Unit Converter Wordpress Plugin A simple Unit Converter widget that allows you to between various units. (Inspired by Google's Unit Converter.)
Total Downloads: 2.8KDownload Plugin
Prevent XSS Vulnerability Wordpress Plugin This plugin provides the functionality for Reflected XSS and Self-XSS.
Total Downloads: 36.2KDownload Plugin
Reload Wordpress Plugin Automatically refresh your site if you update a post
Total Downloads: 2.4KDownload Plugin
reload-protect-visitor-counter Wordpress Plugin This plugin use sessions for reload protection. A link has been added to Dashboard >> Settings >> Visitor Counter. Set the visitor counter and change the fontsize like you want. Use a widget for your sidebar to show the visitor counter. Change the sidebar-title from Visitor Counter. Languages: English and German.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Woocommerce Fraud Prevention: AuthSafe Intelligence Wordpress Plugin AuthSafe is the most trusted online fraud detection solution built for WordPress and WooCommerce. AuthSafe helps customers to protect from account tak …
Total Downloads: 66Download Plugin
captcha-for-comment Wordpress Plugin This plugin prevent unwanted spams. Prevent automated spams by bots and most important naughty peoples. It's simple and yet secure.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Gravity Forms Prevent Duplicates Wordpress Plugin Simply prevent duplicate submissions by blocking the submit button while submitting
Total Downloads: 2.7KDownload Plugin
Sticky Element Wordpress Plugin Prevent elements scrolling off pages!
Total Downloads: 14.9KDownload Plugin
prevent right click and content copy Wordpress Plugin Disable Right Click For WP prevents right click on Wordpress site.
Total Downloads: 509Download Plugin
Email No Bot – Prevent bots from detecting emails Wordpress Plugin Humans will see the email address on your page, but robots will not.
Total Downloads: 845Download Plugin
WP Delay Cron Wordpress Plugin Prevent cron from running every time a page is viewed. Good for high traffic sites.
Total Downloads: 2.2KDownload Plugin
Always Allow Admin Comments Wordpress Plugin Allow an admin user (when logged in) to always be able to comment on a post, even if comments are closed for the post.
Total Downloads: 1.8KDownload Plugin
Easy Auto Reload – Auto Refresh Wordpress Plugin Auto refresh WordPress pages if there is no site activity after any number of minutes.
Total Downloads: 3.2KDownload Plugin
Block Permalink Rewriting Wordpress Plugin This plugin prevent WordPress from rewriting htaccess or web.config to prevent unintended files changes
Total Downloads: 507Download Plugin
iBox Wordpress Plugin iBox is a lightweight script that lets you overlay images and documents in a small dialog without a page reload.
Total Downloads: 6.8KDownload Plugin
Prevent Browser Caching Wordpress Plugin Updates the assets version of all CSS and JS files. Shows the latest changes on the site without asking the client to clear browser cache.
Total Downloads: 54KDownload Plugin
asirra Wordpress Plugin Include an Asirra human-interactive proof (HIP) on your comments page, to prevent automated spam.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
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