Redirect Page Checks Wodpress Plugins

Total redirect page checks plugins - 50
LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) Wordpress Plugin Redirect users to different locations after they log in, log out and register based on different conditions.
Total Downloads: 1.9MDownload Plugin
WP Exit Page Redirect Wordpress Plugin Easily create an exit meta tag redirect page to warn users they are leaving your website and automatically redirect them after a set time period.
Total Downloads: 7.5KDownload Plugin
Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin Wordpress Plugin Easily redirect pages/posts or custom post types to another page/post or external URL by specifying the redirect URL and type (301, 302, 307, meta).
Total Downloads: 2.1MDownload Plugin
Shortcode Redirect Wordpress Plugin A super easy way to automatically redirect a user to another page when viewing a post/page on your site.
Total Downloads: 61.6KDownload Plugin
PRyC WP: 404 to Homepage 301 redirect Wordpress Plugin Redirect any "not found" (404) page to homepage with 301 (SEO) redirect code + Google Analytics (utm_source=404&utm_medium=Redirect&utm_campaign=404)
Total Downloads: 3.6KDownload Plugin
SiteAlert – Uptime, Speed, and Security Monitoring for WordPress Wordpress Plugin Peace of mind that your site is secure and running smoothly. Performance monitoring, security checks, and instant alerts if your site goes down.
Total Downloads: 248.1KDownload Plugin
wpSUBpages Redirect Wordpress Plugin redirect to page does, what the name says and a little bit more. it redirects pages to pages, subpages and external uris.
Total Downloads: 8.1KDownload Plugin
Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage or Custom Page with Logs Wordpress Plugin Redirect 404 error page to homepage or any other page, with logs. Supports permanent (301), temporary (302) redirects & not found (404).
Total Downloads: 157.7KDownload Plugin
Sky Login Redirect Wordpress Plugin Redirect all users, specific users, or roles to the page they were reading prior to logging in or logging out or to a custom page.
Total Downloads: 55.6KDownload Plugin
jonimo Simple Redirect Wordpress Plugin Easily redirect users with specific roles to any url, page, tag or category a set number of times when they login or logout.
Total Downloads: 8.1KDownload Plugin
WooCommerce Login Redirect Wordpress Plugin Custom redirect after registration/login in WooCommerce plugin.
Total Downloads: 63.3KDownload Plugin
Login and Logout Redirect Wordpress Plugin This is an easy way to redirect user to specific URL, on login and logout.
Total Downloads: 64.6KDownload Plugin
Redirect List Wordpress Plugin A really lightweight, clean and simple 301, 302 or 307 HTTP redirect plugin that also supports matching of GET query parameters.
Total Downloads: 27.9KDownload Plugin
404 Redirect Wordpress Plugin Redirect all 404 errors to a specific page
Total Downloads: 7.6KDownload Plugin
Redirect by Custom Field Wordpress Plugin Changes the URLs pointing to pages and posts which have a "redirect" custom field, using that entry as the URL instead.
Total Downloads: 21.7KDownload Plugin
Custom 404 Pro Wordpress Plugin Override the default 404 page with any page from the Admin Panel or a Custom URL.
Total Downloads: 194.9KDownload Plugin
RedirectTo Plugin Wordpress Plugin Plugin to redirect pages or posts to another sites, pages or posts after some seconds that you can delegate.
Total Downloads: 0.9KDownload Plugin
Pilotpress Custom Redirect Wordpress Plugin This plugin helps you add custom redirect after login based on membership level.
Total Downloads: 0.9KDownload Plugin
Groups 404 Redirect Wordpress Plugin Redirect 404's when a visitor tries to access a page protected by Groups.
Total Downloads: 28.7KDownload Plugin
Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage Wordpress Plugin Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage
Total Downloads: 71.1KDownload Plugin
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