Simple Unit Converter Widget Wodpress Plugins

Total simple unit converter widget plugins - 50
JKL Unit Converter Wordpress Plugin A simple Unit Converter widget that allows you to between various units. (Inspired by Google's Unit Converter.)
Total Downloads: 2.8KDownload Plugin
WP Unit Converter Wordpress Plugin WP Unit Converter allows you to convert Length/Distance, Temperature, Time, Weight, Area and Speed metrics in different units of measurement.
Total Downloads: 2.7KDownload Plugin
Oppso Unit Converter Wordpress Plugin Simple to use Unit Converter Plugin. It displays both in Metric and Imperial units.
Total Downloads: 2.6KDownload Plugin
Another Unit Converter Wordpress Plugin Another Unit Converter is the easiest way to do currency conversions in your website, allowing visitors to see amounts on their preferred currency.
Total Downloads: 1.2KDownload Plugin
gd-unit-converter Wordpress Plugin GD Unit Converter is easy to use admin side dashboard widget that allows fast conversion of value for different units in supported categories:
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Unit Converter Pro Wordpress Plugin This widget can be added anywhere in your site and provides a fully featured unit converter that can be used in various configurations.
Total Downloads: 1.1KDownload Plugin
construction-unit-converter Wordpress Plugin This unit converter provides your visitos with an easy to use tool to convert units like area, length, mass etc. Several units are specific for the Co …
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Currency Converter Widget ⚡ PRO Wordpress Plugin The Currency Converter Widget ⚡ PRO is a free and easy-to-use with beauty UI extended version of ? Currency Converter widget, that can multiple curren …
Total Downloads: 698Download Plugin
Currency Converter Widget – Exchange Rates Wordpress Plugin Check out the Widget Demo to learn more about this amazing Currency Converter plugin.
Total Downloads: 25.6KDownload Plugin
Smart Currency Converter Wordpress Plugin Smart Currency Converter widget enables you to convert between 70+ currencies with the latest exchange rates.
Total Downloads: 3.1KDownload Plugin
Price as per Unit for WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin Price as per unit plugin takes the price of the product and divides this price by its weight, which help to sell products to the customer to know how …
Total Downloads: 469Download Plugin
Crypto Converter ⚡ Widget Wordpress Plugin Is a magic and easy-to-use with beautiful UI widget. ? Calc for converting crypto with live price update and flash effect. Try, You will ❤️‍ it!
Total Downloads: 22.3KDownload Plugin
Custom Unit Converter Widget Wordpress Plugin Simple measurement converter widget.
Total Downloads: 2.3KDownload Plugin
wp-unit Wordpress Plugin Enables you to create unit tests for your plugins, run and check the results in a centralized way.
Total Downloads: 2KDownload Plugin
wp-pdftoxls-widget Wordpress Plugin This plugin will enable you to add PDF to EXCEL converter widgets to your sidebars. New widget, called "WP PDFTOEXCEL Converter Widget", is added. Each of these widgets can hold one PDF to EXCEL converter. For each widget/converter you will have option to control widgets skin and maximum file size accepted for input file. Global Options page, "WP PDF to EXCEL Converter Widget", holds global skin and max file size settings, and affiliate ID field. Each skin have custom "skin.css" file with styles, using some custom templating tokens for element IDs. * You can add multiple converter widgets. * Each widget can have different settings. * Each widget can have different CSS style/skin. * You can specify global settings that will apply for all widgets by default. * Affiliate links included, you can add your affiliate ID on global settings page. * Widget settings will override global settings for WP PDF to EXCEL Converter. * Converter uses free Web Service to function. * Uploaded files are stored inside plugin directory and cleaned up using WP cron job each day
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Simple Currency Converter Wordpress Plugin Contributors: ejincollective Donate link: Tags: currency, elementor, converter, elementor ad …
Total Downloads: 440Download Plugin
simple-currency-exchange Wordpress Plugin Simple AJAX based Currency Converter Widget, data is fetched from Yahoo! Finance.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Currency Converter Calculator Wordpress Plugin ❤️‍ Is a magic real-time and easy-to-use with beautiful UI widget. Included 195+ world currencies with popular cryptocurrencies.
Total Downloads: 16.8KDownload Plugin
WoPo File Converter Wordpress Plugin WoPo File Converter is an online file converter
Total Downloads: 342Download Plugin
BTC Exchange Widget Wordpress Plugin BTC Exchange Widget Plugin adds a simple converter from Bitcoin to multiple currencies. This plugin uses live data to provide accurate exchange rates.
Total Downloads: 9.4KDownload Plugin
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