Special Offer WordPress Plugins

Total special offer plugins - 8
Responsive Column Widgets Creates a custom responsive column widget box.
Total Downloads: 95.9K Download Plugin
ABD Dashboard Widget Manager Customize your WordPress administrator dashboard. You can choose which admin widgets to display, the user roles, and add your own dashboard content.
Total Downloads: 7.5K Download Plugin
All-in-One SEO Agency ToolBox Provide GeoRanker and eRanker SEO tools like Rank Tracker, Top Advertisers, Google First Page, Local Carrousel Data and others.
Total Downloads: 1.2K Download Plugin
WP Admin Hide Other's Posts Hides posts by other authors in the admin area, manageable with a "view_others_posts" permission
Total Downloads: 1.1K Download Plugin
Custom WP Registration Form Create a custom WordPress registration form with an array that automatically logs in user. Define your own input types, attributes, classes & IDs
Total Downloads: 1.1K Download Plugin
Facebook Debug Links Provides links in your wordpress backend to easily open your page/post in the Facebook Debugger
Total Downloads: 1.1K Download Plugin
Anticopy / Antiprint Prevent users from print or copy content or a wordpress blog.
Total Downloads: 526 Download Plugin
Hatch for WordPress Easily use Hatch on your WordPress site.
Total Downloads: 12 Download Plugin