Speed WordPress Plugins

Total speed plugins - 154
W3 Total Cache Wordpress Plugin Search Engine (SEO) & Performance Optimization (WPO) via caching. Integrated caching: CDN, Minify, Page, Object, Fragment, Database support.
Total Downloads: 6.5M Download Plugin
ManageWP Worker Wordpress Plugin ManageWP is the ultimate WordPress productivity tool, allowing you to efficiently manage your websites.
Total Downloads: 2.3M Download Plugin
Autoptimize Wordpress Plugin Autoptimize speeds up your website and helps you save bandwidth by aggregating and minimizing JS, CSS and HTML.
Total Downloads: 1M Download Plugin
CloudFlare Wordpress Plugin All of Cloudflare's performance and security benefits in a simple one-click install of recommended settings specifically developed for WordPress.
Total Downloads: 0.9M Download Plugin
Hyper Cache Wordpress Plugin Hyper Cache is a performant and easy to configure cache system for WordPress.
Total Downloads: 811.2K Download Plugin
Compress JPEG & PNG images Wordpress Plugin Speed up your website. Optimize your JPEG and PNG images automatically with TinyPNG.
Total Downloads: 314.9K Download Plugin
Really Static Wordpress Plugin Generates static HTML-files from your Blog. That makes your Blog incredible fast! Better than any other cache.
Total Downloads: 257.6K Download Plugin
GZip Ninja Speed Compression Wordpress Plugin Is your website GZipped? Need faster, reliable data transfer to rank higher in Google? Have you been told your website is slow? Then use this!
Total Downloads: 148.4K Download Plugin
WP Optimize By xTraffic Wordpress Plugin Plugin "WP Optimize By xTraffic" optimizes your WordPress websites more useful and powerful through the special features.
Total Downloads: 148.2K Download Plugin
Comet Cache Wordpress Plugin Comet Cache is an advanced WordPress caching plugin inspired by simplicity. Speed up your site (BIG time!) with an intelligent and easy-to-use cache.
Total Downloads: 118.8K Download Plugin
WP-HTML-Compression Wordpress Plugin Reduce file size by shortening URLs and safely removing all standard comments and unnecessary whitespace from an HTML document.
Total Downloads: 93.9K Download Plugin
Above The Fold Optimization Wordpress Plugin This plugin enables to pass the "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content"-rule from Google PageSpeed Insights
Total Downloads: 90.4K Download Plugin
Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress Wordpress Plugin Use Google Pagespeed Insights to increase your sites performance, your search engine ranking, and your visitors browsing experience.
Total Downloads: 88.3K Download Plugin
Check and Enable GZIP compression Wordpress Plugin This handy tool checks if you have GZIP compression enabled, and makes it possible to turn on GZIP compression.
Total Downloads: 75.7K Download Plugin
WP Super Minify Wordpress Plugin A very light weight plugin, combines, minifies, and caches inline JavaScript and CSS files on demand to speed up page loads.
Total Downloads: 75K Download Plugin
Scripts To Footer Wordpress Plugin Move your scripts to the footer to help speed up perceived page load times and improve user experience.
Total Downloads: 67.8K Download Plugin
GTmetrix for WordPress Wordpress Plugin GTmetrix can help you develop a faster, more efficient, and all-around improved website experience for your users. Your users will love you for it.
Total Downloads: 66.9K Download Plugin
Hyper Cache Extended Wordpress Plugin Hyper Cache Extended is flexible and easy to configure cache system for WordPress. It's aim is to work on any installation.
Total Downloads: 59.3K Download Plugin
WP Minify Fix Wordpress Plugin [Fixed] This plugin uses the Minify engine to combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.
Total Downloads: 56.2K Download Plugin
Redis Object Cache Wordpress Plugin A persistent object cache backend powered by Redis. Supports Predis, PhpRedis, HHVM, replication, clustering and WP-CLI.
Total Downloads: 46.4K Download Plugin
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