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Total superb slide show plug plugins - 50
Superb slideshow gallery Wordpress Plugin This is a strong, cross browser fade in slideshow script that incorporates some of your most requested features all rolled into one.
Total Downloads: 42KDownload Plugin
Easy Slide Show Wordpress Plugin Easy Slide Show can allows you to add easy slide show to your website with the help of shortcode & widget. With Easy Slide Show you can add custom …
Total Downloads: 7.7KDownload Plugin
Creative Clans Slide Show Wordpress Plugin A free widget to use the Creative Clans Slide Show in your Wordpress website.
Total Downloads: 50.2KDownload Plugin
familiar-faces Wordpress Plugin The Familiar Faces plugin, currently in the early stages of development, allows you to plug a slide of your coworkers or teammates (or cats) anywhere on the website. The current goal is to make this as customizable as possible on the user-end, without touching the PHP.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
wp-simplestslideshow Wordpress Plugin WP-SimplestSlideShow is a simple slide show based on jQuery. It enables the user to insert a simple slide show anywhere in their theme (except inside posts). The HTML markup is pretty bare with only the necessary tags to make it work. That gives the user flexibility to style it further, if one so desires. The functionality of the plugin is also very simple, but it requires a minimum amount of settings to work properly. If one completes all fields in the plugin options’ page with correct values, nothing will go wrong. Users will also have the option to choose if their images will have links or not. What makes this plugin stand out of already released slide show plugins is that it implements and renders the slide show in a much simpler manner... It can be limiting for some, so I recommend WP-SimplestSlideShow only for those wanting to have an easy to administrate plugin with minimal HTML markup - that will validate as well!
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
ST slider Wordpress Plugin ST Slider is very simple and low weight slide show plugin which helps WordPress/dashboard user to create Slide Show on page by using shortcode i.e.
Total Downloads: 433Download Plugin
Responsive Full Width Background Slider Wordpress Plugin Awesome Responsive Full Width Background Slider Plugin for full screen slide show in background of your WordPress site.
Total Downloads: 89.1KDownload Plugin
Slideshow Wp Wordpress Plugin Slide-show WP Is a responsive slider with touch and swipe slider. Slideshow WP supports two types of slider like full width and carousel.
Total Downloads: 2.9KDownload Plugin
dynamic-slide-show Wordpress Plugin You can easily set dynamic slide show in your blog
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Unlimited Background Slider Wordpress Plugin You can create unlimited numbers of slider and assign them to specific posts and pages.full Screen Responsive background slide show.
Total Downloads: 18.2KDownload Plugin
js-easyslider-widget Wordpress Plugin == Description == This plugin is designed to be used as Easy slide show widget. It can display a certain link or category as slide show image in the sidebar, using the [Easyslide] ( It automatically excludes the chosen slideshow category from the Wordpress. Below is a list of options. * specify speed transitions and pause of transition and animations * choose Show control numeric or control image * specify category * You can set a larger picture, without this being shown in extended post
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
smart-slide-show Wordpress Plugin Smart Slide Show is a plugin that allows you to display images in a flash slideshow.It is also possible to use it as a widget.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
AddFunc Slides Wordpress Plugin An easily manageable slide content type with intuitive shortcode & widget interfaces, including standard slidshow options. Fully CSS styleable.
Total Downloads: 2.8KDownload Plugin
JTC Slides Wordpress Plugin A simple responsive slideshow with left navigation boxes. It is light weight and highly customizable.
Total Downloads: 4.4KDownload Plugin
Total Downloads: 899Download Plugin
Tiny Slider Wordpress Plugin Create a simple slide show by jquery.
Total Downloads: 17.2KDownload Plugin
Superb WordPress Table (SEO Optimized Tables With Schema) Wordpress Plugin Responsive & SEO Optimized tables. Get your Google Featured Snippets. Different table designs, table shortcodes & lightweight code.
Total Downloads: 57.2KDownload Plugin
Superb Slideshow Wordpress Plugin This is a strong, cross browser fade in slideshow script that incorporates some of your most requested features all rolled into one.
Total Downloads: 42.9KDownload Plugin
Simple Image Slider Wordpress Plugin Simple Image Slide permits users to create Image Slide Show.
Total Downloads: 18.7KDownload Plugin
WP Supersized Image Map Wordpress Plugin This Plugin adds an image map to Supersized. It ables you to resize the browser and keep the spots in place.
Total Downloads: 2.1KDownload Plugin
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