Support Database Cache Driven Wodpress Plugins

Total support database cache driven plugins - 50
Vendi Cache Wordpress Plugin Vendi Cache is a disk-based cache plugin derived from Wordfence's caching engine.
Total Downloads: 8.6KDownload Plugin
WPDB Cache Money Wordpress Plugin Database result serialization.
Total Downloads: 2KDownload Plugin
w3tc-schedule-flush Wordpress Plugin Schedules W3TC flushes based on default schedule post. Flush capabilities: All, page cache, database cache, object cache, minify. Needs ACF plugin for custom fields.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Network Nginx Proxy Cache Purge Wordpress Plugin Event driven and on demand Nginx front end proxy cache purge utility.
Total Downloads: 2.3KDownload Plugin
DB Cache Reloaded Fix Wordpress Plugin The fastest cache engine for WordPress, that produces cache of database queries with easy configuration. Compatible with WordPress 3.4
Total Downloads: 226.8KDownload Plugin
WordPress Cache and CDN plugin – fast, easy to use, instant results Wordpress Plugin Fast, easy to use cache for WordPress with option for 3 separate CDN's. Optimize Database.
Total Downloads: 36.4KDownload Plugin
Object Cache 4 everyone Wordpress Plugin Memcached or disk backend support for the WP Object Cache. Memcached server running and PHP Memcached class needed for better performance.
Total Downloads: 4.4KDownload Plugin
db-cache Wordpress Plugin The fastest cache engine for WordPress, that produces cache of database queries with easy configuration.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
WP File Cache Wordpress Plugin DOES NOT support WordPress MultiSite.
Total Downloads: 43.6KDownload Plugin
Clear All Cache for WP Super Cache Wordpress Plugin Clear all cache for WP Super Cache adds a menu entry to the admin menu to clear the cache completely .
Total Downloads: 257.6KDownload Plugin
FOCUS Cache Wordpress Plugin File-based Object Cache is Utterly Slow: An Object Caching Dropin for WordPress that uses the local file system.
Total Downloads: 1KDownload Plugin
Currencyr Wordpress Plugin A simple yet advanced, intuitive, easy-to-use and complete currency converter plugin with a beautiful unique converter tooltip.
Total Downloads: 14.9KDownload Plugin
Templ Optimizer Wordpress Plugin Optimize your site and improve its performance with a few clicks.
Total Downloads: 1.2KDownload Plugin
Minimal Coming Soon – Coming Soon Page Wordpress Plugin Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode page! Create awesome Coming Soon Pages in seconds.
Total Downloads: 1.6MDownload Plugin
next-level-cache Wordpress Plugin Next Level Cache improves performance by caching database queries.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Servebolt Optimizer Wordpress Plugin This plugin implements Servebolt's WordPress best practices, and connects your site to the Servebolt Control Panel.
Total Downloads: 38KDownload Plugin
varnish-cache-esi-plugin Wordpress Plugin This plugin allows one to encapsulate multiple widgets within an ESI block - allowing Varnish to handle fragment caching rather than page caching. As a result, sites with visitors that navigate through numerous pages aren't subject to the problem with most page-cache solutions that have to regenerate the sidebar - arguably one of the most database intensive portions of the site. With Varnish Cache 3.x+, the sidebar is cached as a fragment, and assembled on the cache side resulting in considerable improvements in Time to First Byte and cold hits to pages.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
db-cache-reloaded Wordpress Plugin The fastest cache engine for WordPress, that produces cache of database queries with easy configuration - now with bugs fixed.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
DW Anything Wordpress Plugin Create custom database-driven widgets without programming.
Total Downloads: 466Download Plugin
Database Reset Wordpress Plugin Skip reinstalling WP to reset it & reset the WordPress database back to its original state with 1-click.
Total Downloads: 1.3MDownload Plugin
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