Tag Cloud Template Tag Wodpress Plugins

Total tag cloud template tag plugins - 50
Configurable Tag Cloud (CTC) Wordpress Plugin Display a tag cloud customized with your preferences in the sidebar.
Total Downloads: 129.2KDownload Plugin
Tag Cloud Shortcode Wordpress Plugin The plugin enables any page or post author to include a Tag Cloud by using a shortcode instead of hacking theme template files.
Total Downloads: 9KDownload Plugin
TDO Tag Fixes Wordpress Plugin Some fixes and extensions for Wordpress tags such as a tag cloud using only tags found in a specific category and also tag and category intersection.
Total Downloads: 8.5KDownload Plugin
Cool Tag Cloud Wordpress Plugin A simple, yet very beautiful tag cloud.
Total Downloads: 251KDownload Plugin
Fetch Tweets – Hashtag Cloud Wordpress Plugin Extracts and displays only hastags from the result of Fetch Tweets.
Total Downloads: 1.6KDownload Plugin
WordPress Tag Cloud Plugin – Tag Groups Wordpress Plugin The best WordPress plugin to organize your tags and display them in highly customizable tag clouds.
Total Downloads: 238.2KDownload Plugin
Chrono Cloud Wordpress Plugin A function providing a tag cloud like view of monthly archives.
Total Downloads: 1.3KDownload Plugin
Keywords Cloud for WordPress Wordpress Plugin A WordPress widget able to store and display in a tag cloud the keywords that your site visitors are using to reach your site's pages.
Total Downloads: 17.6KDownload Plugin
WPMU Featured Blog Tag Cloud Wordpress Plugin A widget that allows for a custom tag cloud and creates a shortcode for using a tag cloud on a page.
Total Downloads: 1.9KDownload Plugin
Netlife’s Tag Cloud (FatCloud) Wordpress Plugin Netlife's Flash Tag Cloud plugin for WordPress - FatCloud! Wordle your WordPress. Beautiful tag clouds that are accessible & SEO friendly.
Total Downloads: 9.2KDownload Plugin
OST 3D Image Tag Cloud Wordpress Plugin Displays your post tags in 3D rotating animation.
Total Downloads: 2.3KDownload Plugin
SaFly Cloud Protection Wordpress Plugin A secure plug-in which helps you be away from being collected, brute force attack and so on, Based on SaFly Cloud API, Designed by SaFly Organization.
Total Downloads: 873Download Plugin
Tag Cloud Widget Wordpress Plugin A tag cloud widget with links to your tag pages
Total Downloads: 7.1KDownload Plugin
Accessible Tag Cloud Wordpress Plugin Accessible replacement for the default tag cloud
Total Downloads: 1.8KDownload Plugin
rounded-tag-cloud Wordpress Plugin If you are using standard version of WordPress tag cloud widget, you may feel boring or dislike its look-and-feel. This 'rounded tag cloud' …
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Media Cloud for Amazon S3, Cloudflare R2, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces and more Wordpress Plugin Automatically store media on Amazon S3, Cloudflare R2, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces + others. Serve CSS/JS assets through CDNs.
Total Downloads: 353.5KDownload Plugin
Author Tag Cloud Wordpress Plugin Creates a template tag to create an author specific tag cloud and creates a new permalink structure to drill down into content by author and tag.
Total Downloads: 1.3KDownload Plugin
Color Bg Tag Cloud Wordpress Plugin A simple, yet very beautiful tag cloud.
Total Downloads: 2.6KDownload Plugin
Updraft Wordpress Plugin Updraft - Backup/Restore is a plugin aimed at simplifying backups (and restoration) for your blog. Backup into the cloud (Cloud Files, S3, FTP, and mo …
Total Downloads: 57.2KDownload Plugin
Custom Tag Cloud Wordpress Plugin Customizable widget and shortcode to display tag cloud anywhere you want.
Total Downloads: 6.2KDownload Plugin
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