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Total template wordpress plugins plugins - 50
Object Oriented Plugin Template Solution Wordpress Plugin A well engineered template for creating plugins using object-oriented programming practices. Uses Settings API, multisite, i18n, PHPUnit tests.
Total Downloads: 2.9KDownload Plugin
Relink Wordpress Plugin Insert links to other posts in content as shortcode and render it with custom template. Default template located at wp-content/plugins/relink/template …
Total Downloads: 11.2KDownload Plugin
WPDevDesign – Oxygen – Currently Editing Wordpress Plugin Adds the name of Template/Page currently being edited in the Oxygen editor.
Total Downloads: 2.5KDownload Plugin
Member Access Wordpress Plugin Member Access is a WordPress plugin that allows an administrator to require that users be logged-in in order to view certain posts and pages.
Total Downloads: 150.6KDownload Plugin
Configurable Tag Cloud (CTC) Wordpress Plugin Display a tag cloud customized with your preferences in the sidebar.
Total Downloads: 129.2KDownload Plugin
EPT Empty Plugin Template Wordpress Plugin An empty plugin template to start with, including the most basic necessary stuff. Take this as some kind of workshop.
Total Downloads: 4.7KDownload Plugin
Site Template Wordpress Plugin Site Template is a plugin that allows site administrators to set up blog templates for their multi-site WP installs.
Total Downloads: 4.8KDownload Plugin
Files in use Wordpress Plugin A simple WordPress plugin to show theme's and plugins' files that are currently in use.
Total Downloads: 1.2KDownload Plugin
Mountee Wordpress Plugin Mountee allows access to WordPress (and other CMS) templates as Mac Finder files, so you can work efficiently in your favorite coding app.
Total Downloads: 571Download Plugin
Template Overide Wordpress Plugin Very simple, it lets you add custom css to your template so when you upgrade the template with the wordpress update function your changes are never lo …
Total Downloads: 2.5KDownload Plugin
Give Donation – Email Template Wordpress Plugin Use your email templates for your Give donations
Total Downloads: 892Download Plugin
Displays and links to the post's child categories of a given parent category. Takes parameters for before, after and separators in the list. Developed for oneserving.com Wordpress Plugin This is my first-ever plugin for anything so please try it in a test environment beforehand. How To Use It: 1) Copy into your plugins directory 2) Ac …
Total Downloads: 5.3KDownload Plugin
Creatus Extended Wordpress Plugin Creatus Extended adds demos installation utility, page builder template library and additional functionalities to Creatus WordPress Theme.
Total Downloads: 595Download Plugin
which template file Wordpress Plugin Show the name of the php file of your theme used to display the current page.
Total Downloads: 26.3KDownload Plugin
Template Part Shortcode Wordpress Plugin A (very) simple WordPress plugin for embedding template parts in your content.
Total Downloads: 1.4KDownload Plugin
WP Template Viewer Wordpress Plugin This plugin allows you to see the content of all theme templates files that were used to display the current page.
Total Downloads: 4.7KDownload Plugin
Template Manager by WordPress Monsters Wordpress Plugin This is a temlate manager plugin for easy WordPress development from scratch when you are use Page Builders plugins.
Total Downloads: 705Download Plugin
Responsive Starter Templates – Elementor & WordPress Templates Wordpress Plugin Import free and pro Gutenberg and Elementor Templates for the Responsive WordPress theme.
Total Downloads: 0.9MDownload Plugin
Composite Post Wordpress Plugin Compose a post or page with other posts or pages.
Total Downloads: 3.3KDownload Plugin
WP Jade Template Wordpress Plugin WP Jade Template enables to use jade template engine for the wordpress theme's template files.
Total Downloads: 837Download Plugin
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