Universal Analytics WordPress Plugins

Total universal analytics plugins - 22
WordPress SMS A complete wordpress plugin to send sms with a high capability. Send SMS via WordPress, Subscribe SMS newsletter and Send SMS to Number(s), Subscribes
Total Downloads: 87K Download Plugin
Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search This plugin adds convenient search fields to provide easy access to the codex, wpbeginner, WordPress support forums and common wp-admin areas via the
Total Downloads: 86.3K Download Plugin
Memphis Custom Login A simple way to control your WordPress Login Page.
Total Downloads: 36.7K Download Plugin
MySQLi database layer MySQL_* functions are deprecated and this plugin creates a layer to use MySQLi instead. So you don't get notices when using PHP 5.5
Total Downloads: 7.3K Download Plugin
TopUp Plus Seamless integration of TopUp (similar to Lightview, Lightbox, Thickbox, Floatbox, Fancybox) to create a nice overlay to display images and videos wit
Total Downloads: 6.6K Download Plugin
Woocommerce Delivery Date This plugin for woocommerce lets you select a number of days, and shopper can only choose delivery date after the number of days.
Total Downloads: 4.9K Download Plugin
Manage Pages Custom Columns Replicates the custom column feature of the Manage Posts page for the Manage Pages page. Obsolete as of WP 2.4.
Total Downloads: 4.1K Download Plugin
WooCommerce Parcelas Adiciona quantidade de parcelas e o valor de cada parcela, nas páginas que listam todos os produtos e na página individual de cada produto.
Total Downloads: 4K Download Plugin
Wiki Dashboard Wiki on the dashboard for multiple autors.
Total Downloads: 4K Download Plugin
Filterable Portfolio A WordPress Filterable Portfolio to display portfolio images or gallery to your site.
Total Downloads: 3.9K Download Plugin
Kw Essential share buttons mini buttons for sharing posts by users on social media. Buttons and popup for pinterest, linkedin, facebook, google +1, twitter, windows live
Total Downloads: 1.6K Download Plugin
Latest Posts MultiSite Widget Display latest posts from other site in network.
Total Downloads: 1.5K Download Plugin
Metta This plugin enables you to create immersive multimedia stories in minutes using videos, pictures, text paragraphs and audio form the web.
Total Downloads: 1.3K Download Plugin
Gravity Forms Light Blue API Add-On Send information directly from your Gravity Forms forms to your Light Blue account.
Total Downloads: 1.2K Download Plugin
GOOGLE TRENDS GRAPH SHORTCODE Generate Google Trends graphs on you WordPress website using shortcode.
Total Downloads: 482 Download Plugin
Content Enhancer This plugin allows you to insert html/javascript code into your post's content in a variety of different ways.
Total Downloads: 397 Download Plugin
Save to foursquare Shortcode Add the "Save to foursquare" button to posts with a simple WordPress Shortcode.
Total Downloads: 340 Download Plugin
sitepackage:// Newsletter Opt-In This plugin provides a newsletter opt-in form that is connected to sitepackage://
Total Downloads: 340 Download Plugin
Content Expiration & Redirect A simple plugin that lets you schedule posts or pages to expire - and where you would like the post or page to redirect to when it has expired.
Total Downloads: 339 Download Plugin
FedEx Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce Accurate real-time shipping rates from FedEx. No carrier account needed. Subscription required; free two week trial.
Total Downloads: 252 Download Plugin