Video Plugin WordPress Plugins

Total video plugin plugins - 28
YouTube Wordpress Plugin YouTube Embed WordPress Plugin. Embed a responsive video, YouTube channel gallery, or playlist gallery. Add thumbnails, analytics, caching...
Total Downloads: 1.7M Download Plugin
YouTube Embed WordPress Wordpress Plugin YouTube Embed plugin is an convenient tool for adding video to your website. Use YouTube Embed plugin to add YouTube videos in posts/pages, widgets.
Total Downloads: 252.6K Download Plugin
Youtube Widget Responsive Wordpress Plugin Widgets + ShortCode responsive to embed youtube in your sidebar or in your content [youtube video=...], with SEO fields.
Total Downloads: 127.4K Download Plugin
Video Player Wordpress Plugin Video Player - Inserting video player on a page is a perfect way to supplement website with media content and expand the user's interest in your sit
Total Downloads: 66.5K Download Plugin
WordPress Vimeo videos Wordpress Plugin Create WordPress posts from Vimeo videos complete with video embed, title, description and featured image.
Total Downloads: 32.5K Download Plugin
Simple YouTube Embed Wordpress Plugin Embed YouTube video in WordPress beautifully. Embed YouTube video with a URL or shortcode and customize the player using this YouTube embed plugin.
Total Downloads: 31.4K Download Plugin
Youtube Showcase Wordpress Plugin YouTube Showcase is a powerful but simple-to-use YouTube video gallery plugin with responsive frontend.
Total Downloads: 23.7K Download Plugin
WordPress YouTube plugin Wordpress Plugin Youtube video gallery is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to create nice youtube video gallery easily.
Total Downloads: 13.7K Download Plugin
YouTube Video Gallery Plugin Wordpress Plugin Create unique YouTube video galleries and increase audience engagement on your site with Yottie Lite for YouTube.
Total Downloads: 8.6K Download Plugin
Video Player Ultimate Wordpress Plugin An easy way to place a video player on your WordPress site.
Total Downloads: 6.9K Download Plugin
CM Video Lesson Manager Wordpress Plugin Easily manage your video courses, webinars, and content for your WordPress users to watch, track, comment and follow.
Total Downloads: 4.7K Download Plugin
YouTube Video Plugin to show YouTube Videos from widgets. Wordpress Plugin Hardik - YouTube Video Plugin to show YouTube Videos from widgets.
Total Downloads: 4.3K Download Plugin
The AOL On Network Video Plugin Wordpress Plugin The plugin enables you to embed videos from The AOL On Network video library into your WordPress post.
Total Downloads: 3.7K Download Plugin
Html5 Video Player Wordpress Plugin Html5 Video Player is a awesome Video player plugin for your wordpress blog/website.
Total Downloads: 3.4K Download Plugin
Gratisfaction- Social Contests Referral Loyalty Rewards Program for WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin All-in-One Loyalty+Social Contests+Referral Marketing WooCommerce. No Coding. Easy DIY Setup.
Total Downloads: 3.2K Download Plugin
PopUp Video Generator Wordpress Plugin PopUp Video Generator is a plugin for WordPress that takes your FLV videos and adds an AWESOME popup feature to any text link or image link. This plug
Total Downloads: 2.3K Download Plugin
Videe.TV Video Monetization Wordpress Plugin This plugin provides you an access to the free video library, adjustable player and high income from every video viewer!
Total Downloads: 1.9K Download Plugin
Frames Video Player Wordpress Plugin Pull videos from YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook. Or use HTML5 uploads & links. Play single video or show playlist with various themes. Intuitive.
Total Downloads: 1.7K Download Plugin
TubEntertain Wordpress Plugin A simple shortcode to embed YouTubeT playlists or handpicked videos in a single YouTube player. This plugin adds the shortcode tubentertain so y
Total Downloads: 1.3K Download Plugin
YouTubeR by Maxio lab. Wordpress Plugin The plugin allows you to upload your videos on YouTube from your website and embed YouTube videos to your website.
Total Downloads: 890 Download Plugin
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