Web Stats WordPress Plugins

Total web stats plugins - 16
YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter Use YOURLS (a free GPL URL shortener service) to create short URLs of your posts, or for your BuddyPress groups and users
Total Downloads: 86.9K Download Plugin
Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search This plugin adds convenient search fields to provide easy access to the codex, wpbeginner, WordPress support forums and common wp-admin areas via the
Total Downloads: 86.3K Download Plugin
Memphis Custom Login A simple way to control your WordPress Login Page.
Total Downloads: 36.7K Download Plugin
Font Burner Control Panel The Font Burner Plugin allows you to easily add Font Burner Fonts to your WordPress theme. (IF UPGRADING, BE SURE TO RECORD YOUR FONT BURNER SETTINGS
Total Downloads: 32.5K Download Plugin
Events Manager ESS Extends Events Manager WordPress plugin to import, export and sync events through ESS feeds.
Total Downloads: 12.3K Download Plugin
Love Button The Love Button is the only Social Sharing Plugin, which combines the data privacy of a 2-click social sharing buttons with individual settings and an
Total Downloads: 4.1K Download Plugin
WooCommerce Parcelas Adiciona quantidade de parcelas e o valor de cada parcela, nas páginas que listam todos os produtos e na página individual de cada produto.
Total Downloads: 4K Download Plugin
Simple Popular Content A simple sidebar widget displaying your most viewed content.
Total Downloads: 3.8K Download Plugin
Inpsyde Multisite Feed Consolidates all network feeds into one.
Total Downloads: 2.6K Download Plugin
Advanced Posts Widget A powerful and flexible recent posts widget for WordPress for displaying customized content lists. Supports all custom post types and taxonomies!
Total Downloads: 2.5K Download Plugin
Kiss Insights Enables Kiss Insights on your WordPress powered blog!
Total Downloads: 1.4K Download Plugin
Total Downloads: 550 Download Plugin
Woocommerce MWS Sync This plugin syncronises the inventory between a WooCommerce instance and an Amazon seller account using the MWS API.
Total Downloads: 391 Download Plugin
Content Expiration & Redirect A simple plugin that lets you schedule posts or pages to expire - and where you would like the post or page to redirect to when it has expired.
Total Downloads: 339 Download Plugin
User Session Synchronizer Keep the user logged in from one wordpress to another by synchronizing user data and cookie session
Total Downloads: 136 Download Plugin
Mathilda Mathilda brings back control of your tweets.
Total Downloads: 45 Download Plugin