Webm WordPress Plugins

Total webm plugins - 14
MediaElement.js - HTML5 Video & Audio Player Wordpress Plugin MediaElement.js is an HTML5 video and audio player with Flash fallback and captions. Supports IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and iPhone, iPad, And
Total Downloads: 538.4K Download Plugin
Secure HTML5 Video Player Wordpress Plugin Secure HTML5 Video Player allows you to play HTML5 video on modern browsers. Videos can be served privately; pseudo-streamed from a secured directory
Total Downloads: 109.4K Download Plugin
CP Media Player - Audio Player and Video Player Wordpress Plugin CP Media Player - Audio Player and Video Player supported by all major browsers such as IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and mobile devices: iPhone,
Total Downloads: 72.2K Download Plugin
Video Background Wordpress Plugin jQuery WordPress plugin to easily assign a video background to any element. Awesome.
Total Downloads: 35.5K Download Plugin
HTML5 and Flash Video Player Wordpress Plugin The html5 and flash video plugin for WordPress allows the addition of video (and other media) to a WordPress website, now you can also watch videos in
Total Downloads: 25.9K Download Plugin
Buzzsprout Podcasting Wordpress Plugin Pull podcast episodes from your Buzzsprout account and quickly add them to your blog posts with beautiful HTML5 audio players.
Total Downloads: 15.2K Download Plugin
Better YouTube Embeds Wordpress Plugin This plugin is no longer required or supported, as WordPress now supports enhanced YouTube embeds by default :)
Total Downloads: 13.4K Download Plugin
External "Video for Everybody" Wordpress Plugin Delivers ogg/theora (and optional webm) html5 video from an external storage location with fallbacks to flash, and links for download.
Total Downloads: 10.6K Download Plugin
Flowplayer 6 Video Player Wordpress Plugin Embed video file in WordPress with Flowplayer 6 style. Embed self-hosted, external, HTML5 compatible responsive video in post/page with flowplayer.
Total Downloads: 10K Download Plugin
VideoJS Pro Wordpress Plugin A video plugin for WordPress built on the VideoJS HTML5 video player. This plugin features professionally oriented features including the integration
Total Downloads: 5.2K Download Plugin
DarkOnyx Plugin for WordPress Wordpress Plugin DarkOnyx Web Video Plugin for WordPress
Total Downloads: 3.8K Download Plugin
Html5 Video Player Wordpress Plugin Html5 Video Player is a awesome Video player plugin for your wordpress blog/website.
Total Downloads: 3.4K Download Plugin
Frames Video Player Wordpress Plugin Pull videos from YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook. Or use HTML5 uploads & links. Play single video or show playlist with various themes. Intuitive.
Total Downloads: 1.7K Download Plugin
Podcast Searcher by Clarify Wordpress Plugin The Clarify plugin allows you to make any audio or video embedded in your posts, pages, etc searchable via the standard WordPress search box.
Total Downloads: 207 Download Plugin
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