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Total wp site admin plugins - 50
Admin Notebook Wordpress Plugin New Admin Notebook is simply allow wordpress site admin to add notes.
Total Downloads: 747Download Plugin
Admin Site Switcher Wordpress Plugin This creates a drop-down list of all sites in a multi-site install and lets you switch to the corresponding admin page of the other site.
Total Downloads: 2.2KDownload Plugin
Clean Admin Bar Removal Wordpress Plugin Allows you to hide the top admin bar in WP 3.2+ on the public site by changing user preferences en masse for both existing and new users.
Total Downloads: 7.5KDownload Plugin
Admin Login Notifier Wordpress Plugin Notify a site administrator when someone tries to login to the site as "admin" (the username). The plugin saves the password the would-be l …
Total Downloads: 1.8KDownload Plugin
Perpetual Calendar Infinite Day of Week Calculator Wordpress Plugin Allows Site Visitors to display the Day of Week for any Date they enter, via Shortcode or PHP Function.
Total Downloads: 2.4KDownload Plugin
Admin Email Address Changer Wordpress Plugin By using this plugin, site administrators can modify their admin email settings without having to send an outgoing confirmation email.
Total Downloads: 454Download Plugin
policy-admin Wordpress Plugin Policy Admin is a plug-in for WordPress (2.8+) that adds a new level of control to a selected user who will serve as a "policy admin." A policy admin is a regular site admin who is enabled to additionally: Temporarily block another user, or all other users from logging in to the dashboard, redirecting them to a defined page, message, or URL indicating there has been a misconfiguration or apparent violation of policy or Terms of Service for the site. The user is intended to make contact with the Policy Admin to discuss the situation and who will then restore access. Temporarily block visitors to the public web site by redirecting them to a defined page, message, or URL indicating that the site is temporarily unavailable, possibly with a message that the site owner should contact the Policy Admin to correct the problem, or with a more generic "site unavailable" message. In the future, additional policies may be enacted and enforced, such as controlling allowed upload file types or creating a "blacklist" of plugins disallowed on the site.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
Total Downloads: 1.2KDownload Plugin
Site Template Wordpress Plugin Site Template is a plugin that allows site administrators to set up blog templates for their multi-site WP installs.
Total Downloads: 4.8KDownload Plugin
Contributors: aarontgrogg Wordpress Plugin Enhanced Admin Links in Multisite 'My Sites' Drop-Downs
Total Downloads: 1.7KDownload Plugin
Easy Image Filters Wordpress Plugin Add cool filters and effects to images without leaving site admin screen. Save new image without loosing original.
Total Downloads: 5.7KDownload Plugin
Multi-Site Site List Shortcode Wordpress Plugin Adds a shortcode allowing multisite admin to display a list of all the sites in the current installation. Sites can be sorted alphabetically or by sit …
Total Downloads: 14.8KDownload Plugin
GM Site Admin Wordpress Plugin This plugin creates a Site Administrator user role.
Total Downloads: 760Download Plugin
Multisite Dashboard Broadcast Wordpress Plugin Place a widget on top of every site's dashboard under the same Multisite installation, containing whatever content the Super Admin writes.
Total Downloads: 1.7KDownload Plugin
Site Settings Wordpress Plugin Manage custom site settings and global content fields (extendable by plugins/themes).
Total Downloads: 1.1KDownload Plugin
Restore Admin Header Wordpress Plugin Add the link to your site back to the top of your WordPress admin!
Total Downloads: 1.1KDownload Plugin
Admin-Logo-Title-URL Changer Wordpress Plugin This Plugin is use for to change WP Admin login page Icon, Title and URL Link. Once you have activated plugin one menu item Add Image will be activate …
Total Downloads: 514Download Plugin
Total Downloads: 11.2KDownload Plugin
Visit Site Wordpress Plugin This plugin Makes Visit Site Link in your admin screen open in new tab. When activated you will get Visit Site Link in the upper right of your admin s …
Total Downloads: 1.4KDownload Plugin
SSO Cross Cookie Wordpress Plugin Single sign on (SSO) for a custom domain site, where the admin panel is on an SSL-secured subdomain. For WordPress Multisite.
Total Downloads: 1.4KDownload Plugin
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