Write WordPress Plugins

Total write plugins - 22
TinyMCE Advanced Wordpress Plugin Extends and enhances TinyMCE, the WordPress Visual Editor.
Total Downloads: 8.6M Download Plugin
Amazon Reloaded for WordPress Wordpress Plugin This plugin allows a post author to quickly and easily insert text and image links to Amazon product pages into posts.
Total Downloads: 53.6K Download Plugin
WP-RTL Wordpress Plugin Adds two buttons to the TinyMCE editor to enable writing text in Left to Right (LTR) and Right to Left (RTL) directions.
Total Downloads: 26.3K Download Plugin
Proofread Bot Wordpress Plugin Proofread Bot automatically checks your content for grammar, style, statistic and plagiarism issues.
Total Downloads: 17.6K Download Plugin
TinyMCE Clear Wordpress Plugin Adds clear buttons to TinyMCE Editor
Total Downloads: 11K Download Plugin
Contact Form 7 Signature Addon Wordpress Plugin Easily add an handwritten signature field to Contact Form 7
Total Downloads: 9.7K Download Plugin
admin-only-categories Wordpress Plugin This simple plugin allow you to hide certains category, choosen in the settings >> admin-only category settings panel, from all but Admin.
Total Downloads: 7.1K Download Plugin
Tag Uncomplete Wordpress Plugin Disable the tag auto-complete feature in WordPress 2.5+.
Total Downloads: 6.7K Download Plugin
HTML Regex Replace Wordpress Plugin Replace any html you write in editor (Visual or HTML) with pre-defined string. Use Regexp to define patterns for replacement.
Total Downloads: 3.2K Download Plugin
WriteScroll Wordpress Plugin Automatically scroll `Write Post` and `Write Page` screens to the editor.
Total Downloads: 2.3K Download Plugin
LJUsers Wordpress Plugin Plugin for easy reference to livejournal users.
Total Downloads: 1.4K Download Plugin
Space Invaders Wordpress Plugin This plugin add three buttons to TinyMCE: linefeed, tab and line-reset.
Total Downloads: 1.1K Download Plugin
Slick Write Wordpress Plugin Take your writing to the next level.
Total Downloads: 1.1K Download Plugin
VastSubCat 0.9 Wordpress Plugin Show vast categories and sub-categories with collapsable list in edit post admin panel
Total Downloads: 0.9K Download Plugin
content-resize Wordpress Plugin Plugin simples para criar resumos com determinado número de palavras de um conteúdo.
Total Downloads: 589 Download Plugin
Destination After Save Wordpress Plugin Select a destination to load after saving.
Total Downloads: 334 Download Plugin
write-time Wordpress Plugin To display the time it took to write the article
Total Downloads: 217 Download Plugin
pure writing Wordpress Plugin ??Wordpress??????,??????????
Total Downloads: 212 Download Plugin
Ar PHP Wordpress Plugin Adds Ar-PHP project functionality in TinyMCE editor.
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
Previous posts Picker Wordpress Plugin Shows previous posts related to the one you are writing for easy reference. This functionality is added to the post editing form.
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
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