Write Postspages Wodpress Plugins

Total write postspages plugins - 50
Mark It Down WordPress! Wordpress Plugin Helping you write posts/pages in plain-text Markdown syntax, while switching-off Visual Editor. It sits on the shoulders of a giant, namely Jetpack.
Total Downloads: 658Download Plugin
WPMailing Wordpress Plugin Create groups to organize your subscribed users and send them e-mails based on their groups or by user levels, capabilities or usernames.
Total Downloads: 3KDownload Plugin
Wordless Wordpress Plugin Wordless is a junction between a WordPress plugin and a theme boilerplate that dramatically speeds up and enhances your custom theme creation.
Total Downloads: 5.3KDownload Plugin
OS3 Website Protector Wordpress Plugin Protect your WP site from malware and virus
Total Downloads: 210Download Plugin
Custom Write Panel Wordpress Plugin Custom Write Panel allows user to create customized write panel.
Total Downloads: 18.9KDownload Plugin
reed-write Wordpress Plugin Reed Write extends WordPress giving it the full capabilities of the most popular content management systems on the market.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
TextOptimizer Wordpress Plugin TextOptimizer is the first tool that helps you improve the quality of content from a search engine perspective. Try it. You’ll be blown away.
Total Downloads: 6.7KDownload Plugin
File Inliner Wordpress Plugin This plugin displays the content of a file in a post.
Total Downloads: 2.9KDownload Plugin
Quick Press Widget Wordpress Plugin You can write a simple post in frontend without login to backend.
Total Downloads: 5.3KDownload Plugin
Google Docs oEmbed Wordpress Plugin Embed Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations in your posts or pages.
Total Downloads: 5.2KDownload Plugin
WriteScroll Wordpress Plugin Automatically scroll Write Post and Write Page screens to the editor.
Total Downloads: 3KDownload Plugin
Add IDs to Header Tags Wordpress Plugin Useful for folks that write long-form content containing subheaders, this will add an ID tag to any header tag in your content for deep linking.
Total Downloads: 2.6KDownload Plugin
write-time Wordpress Plugin To display the time it took to write the article
Total Downloads: 763Download Plugin
Download Button Wordpress Plugin Download Button plugins will help you to add download buttons in your posts. You needn't to remember the url of download button image any more. Just write [dwn|Your file's url|btn] , where ever need to place an download button . If you want the link to be open in a new tab or window write: [dwn|Your file's url|outbtn] . There are 3 button embeded is this version to use them write [dwn|Your file's url|btn] , [dwn|Your file's url|btn2] , or [dwn|Your file's url|btn3] , to open windows in new tab write: [dwn|Your file's url|outbtn], [dwn|Your file's url|outbtn2], or [dwn|Your file's url|outbtn3]. Examples : http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/2892/screenshot1gc.jpg and http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/5764/screenshot2vw.jpg
Total Downloads: 4.7KDownload Plugin
Unicode Character Keyboard Wordpress Plugin Admin widget on the Write Post or Write Page forms for inserting HTML encodings of Unicode characters into the edit window.
Total Downloads: 3.3KDownload Plugin
MeteoSales Wordpress Plugin Change atmospheric conditions enough and you’ll see different products and features be chosen by customers
Total Downloads: 647Download Plugin
Zedna Custom Dashboard Messages Wordpress Plugin Allow admin to write messages on user dashboard.
Total Downloads: 3.3KDownload Plugin
MD Block Wordpress Plugin A Gutenberg Block that allow to write markdown in Block Editor.
Total Downloads: 91Download Plugin
Page List Widget Wordpress Plugin This is a widget plugin. This widget will display a list of posts/pages.
Total Downloads: 11.2KDownload Plugin
CSS JS Files Wordpress Plugin Select files CSS/JS and/or write CSS/JS rules to any single page or post or globally
Total Downloads: 3.7KDownload Plugin
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