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Video Background Wordpress Plugin Free download

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  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 3.8.0 or higher
  • WordPress version Compatible Upto
    WordPress 4.5.4
  • Active Installs
    Requires: 3.8.0 or higher Compatible up to: 4.5.4 Last Updated: 2 months ago
  • Plugin Total downloads:
    35.5K +
Video Background wordpress plugin Download

Video Background WordPress Plugin overview

Video Background Wordpress Plugin is used to jQuery WordPress plugin to easily assign a video background to any element. Awesome..

This plugin is an easy and simple way to add a video background to any element on your website.

Note: You may need to play around with the element's z-index for the video background to display properly.

There is now a pro version of Video Background with awesome features like YouTube and Visual Composer integration to make your life easier! Check it out!

There are 4 simple required fields:

  • Container: This fields specifies where you would like the video background. If you want it to cover the whole website, you would enter "body". If you want the video background to be in a class called ".header" you would enter ".header"
  • MP4: Link to the .mp4 file. For Safari and IE support.
  • WEBM: Link to the .webm file. For Chrome, Firefox, and Opera support.
  • Poster: This will be used for the fallback image if video background is not supported (mobile for example)

There are also 5 additional optional fields for having a more beautiful video background:

  • Overlay: Adds a pattern overlay over the video for optimal reading of text.
  • Overlay Color: If overlay is enabled, you can select the color of the overlay using the colorpicker.
  • Overlay Alpha: If overlay is enabled, you can specify the amount of transparency.
  • Loop: Enable or disable the looping of your video! Play your video once, or infinite!
  • Mute: in Video Background, you now have the option to unmute your audio!

There is now a more detailed shortcode for video background. Input this shortcode in the bottom of the content editor of the page or post you would like video background on.

[vidbg container="body" mp4="#" webm="#" poster="#" muted="true" loop="true" overlay="false" overlay_color="#000" overlay_alpha="0.3"]


What size is recommended for the videos? 15mb is usually best for me, I try to not exceed that. Any video after 15mb starts to slow down and sometimes will not load. A great compression tool for Video Background is Check with your hosting provider to make sure you have enough bandwidth for video backgrounds. Is this compatible with Internet Explorer? Video background works for Internet Explorer 9 and above. Any version below that will use the fallback image. How would I make a full width/height background video? Simply fill out the 4 easy fields. Be sure for the container you enter "body" (without the quotes) What filetypes are allowed for fallback images? Fallback images can be .jpg, .png, and .gif. I entered all the correct fields, but my video will still not load. What am I doing wrong? This can be an issue with the file size of the video you are uploading. Make sure that you video is compressed and is does not exceed 15mb. Once you get over 15mb, it takes a while to load. Check with your hosting provider to make sure you have enough bandwidth for video backgrounds. I want to add a video background to a class called "header", how would I do that? To add a video background to a class called header add ".header" to the container field. (without the quotes) The Video Background Pro fields are annoying, can I get rid of them? You sure can! Simply go to the "Settings > Video Background" menu tab and check the "Hide Muted Pro Fields" checkbox.;

Video Background Wordpress Plugin free download

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