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  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 4.2 or higher
  • WordPress version Compatible Upto
    WordPress 4.6.1
  • Active Installs
    Requires: 4.2 or higher Compatible up to: 4.6.1 Last Updated: 5 days ago
  • Plugin Total downloads:
    9.6M +
WPtouch Mobile Plugin wordpress plugin Download

WPtouch Mobile Plugin WordPress Plugin overview

WPtouch Mobile Plugin Wordpress Plugin is used to Make your WordPress website mobile-friendly with just a few clicks..

WPtouch is a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically adds a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress website. Recommended by Google, it will instantly enable a mobile-friendly version of your website that passes the Google Mobile test, and ensure your SEO rankings do not drop due to not having a mobile-friendly website. For more information about using WPtouch to achieve Google mobile-friendly status, please read our comprehensive mobile-friendly guide.

The WPtouch administration panel and WordPress Customizer allow you to customize many aspects of its appearance, and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your site to your mobile visitors, without modifying a single bit of code. Your regular desktop theme is left intact, and will continue to show for your non-mobile visitors.

Go Pro for support and more control, enhanced themes & features

WPtouch Pro offers a variety of enhanced themes for blogs, businesses, and WooCommerce retailers; extensions that add rich advertising options, advanced web font controls, caching, and more; and of course, top-notch one-on-one support from our professional team.

For more information visit WPtouch.com.

'WPtouch' & 'WPtouch Pro' are trademarks of BraveNewCode Inc.

I thought most touch smartphones show my website fine the way it is now? Yes, that's true in general. However *not all websites are created equal, with some sites significantly failing to translate well in small mobile device viewports. Many WordPress sites today also make heavy use of a variety of javascript, css and image files which significantly increase load times, in turn driving visitors on data connections crazy, often causing them to abandon your site altogether. We created WPtouch to be a lightweight, fast-loading, feature-rich mobile plugin to add a theme shown to mobile visitors. The plugin includes an admin panel for customizing many aspects of your site's presentation when showing the mobile theme. Well, what if my users don't like it and want to see my regular site? There's a link to switch back to the desktop theme in the footer area of WPtouch so your visitors can easily switch between the WPtouch view and your site's regular appearance. We even automatically put a little snippet of code into your current desktop theme which will be shown only to iPhone, iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry touch mobile device visitors, giving them control to switch between the two themes easily. Will it slow down my blog, or increase my server load? No. The entire WPtouch footprint is small. In fact, it should reduce load, because of its streamlined approach to serving optimized content to mobile visitors. It was designed to be as lightweight and speedy as possible, while still serving your site's content in a richly presented way, sparing no essential features like search, login, categories, tags, comments etc. For more information visit WPtouch.com. I notice my desktop site shows for mobile visitors, or vice versa It sounds like you are using a caching plugin but you haven't configured it. Please read the user manual (accessible from the WPtouch admin) and perform the cache changes are outlined in the user manual. Once done, WPtouch will work as expected. What's different about version 4 vs. version 3? The biggest difference is the admin panel. Instead of multiple admin pages with settings split out, we've combined and streamlined the settings into one panel page. Tabs on the left, settings on the right. All settings instantly save via AJAX, so you don't have to save settings manually. Will I lose anything upgrading? WPtouch 4 is an upgrade from 3, and your theme settings will stay intact. You will notice a couple settings have been slimmed down, while we added a few new ones. Overall you might think there's less in WPtouch 4- but we actually removed how we showed Pro-only settings even though they weren't available in free, along with other non-essential panes and views to streamline the product. What's New? The best new additions for WPtouch 4 are in WPtouch Pro- we added support to live preview your changes in the WordPress Customizer, along with new theme and extension updates, features and more. In the free version, the newest changes have more to do with under the hood improvements for speed and performance in the theme, and of course the new admin panel making setup faster and easier. What's Next? We've got theme and feature updates planned into 2016 based on feedback from our users, but that's all we'll share!;

WPtouch Mobile Plugin Wordpress Plugin free download

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