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xili-dictionary WordPress Plugin overview

xili-dictionary is a multilingual dictionary storable in CPT and terms to create and translate .po files or .mo files and more (import, export...).

xili-dictionary is a dictionary storable in custom post type (CPT) and terms (custom taxonomy) to create, update and translate .po files or .mo files of current theme folder and of current plugins.

  • xili-dictionary is a plugin (compatible with plugin xili-language) to build a multilingual dictionary saved in the post tables of WordPress as CPT to build .mo files (used online by WP website), .po files (file assigned to a language and used by translator, text format of compiled .mo), and now .pot files. A .pot file (of theme or plugin) can be generated from sources w/o importing entries in dictionary. Files are read and saved on the right place (languages sub-folder) but can also be download on your desktop computer.
  • With this dictionary, collecting terms from taxonomies (title, description), from bloginfos, from wp_locale, from current theme – international terms with _e(), __() or _n() or _x(), _ex(), _nx(),... and other functions as in I10n.php – , it is possible to create and update .mo file in the current theme folder and current plugins.
  • By importing .mo files, it is possible to regenerate readable .po files and enrich translation tables.
  • xili-dictionary is full compatible with xili-language plugin and xili-tidy-tags plugin. Also compatible with xili re/un-attach media !
  • xili-dictionary can be used w/o a multilingual plugin or with multilingual plugin based on taxonomy named ‘language’ (Polylang).
  • As educational plateform in constant changing, xili-dictionary tries to use most of the wordpress core functions and features (CPT, metabox, pointer, help, pomo libraries, …).


According some users, current versions can be stable with recent wp versions. BUT since 2 years, a new version is fully rewritten and tested in few websites. These new versions are available in Github and here in wp repository in tag Advanced View. Your feedback will be very valuable.


  • code source renewed continiously with latest wp tools since wp 4.3
  • readme rewritting

Version 2.12.5 (updated 2016-07-29)

see Changelog tab.

More infos

This releases are for theme’s creator or designer with some knowledges in i18n. Help are more and more included inside help tabs of dashboard and each screen.

The plugin post is frequently updated wiki.xiligroup.org

See dev.xiligroup forum plugins forum.

See also the wordpress plugins forum.

© 2009-2016 ms – dev.xiligroup.com

xili-dictionary The admin settings UI
The admin settings UI
xili-dictionary Msg edit screen with the msg series dashboard.
Msg edit screen with the msg series dashboard.
xili-dictionary Msg list table screen as designed with WP admin UI library.
Msg list table screen as designed with WP admin UI library.
xili-dictionary MsgID with his singular and his plural line.
MsgID with his singular and his plural line.
xili-dictionary MsgSTR with his plural.
MsgSTR with his plural.

xili-dictionary Wordpress Plugin download

  1. Upload the folder containing xili-dictionary.php and language files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory,
  2. Verify that your theme is international compatible – translatable terms like _e('the term','mytheme') and no text hardcoded –
  3. Activate and visit the dictionary page in tools menu and docs here
  4. To edit a msg, you can start from dictionary list or XD msg list using current WP admin UI library. Don’t forget to adapt UI with screen options and moving meta boxes.

More infos will be added progressively in a wiki here.

xili-dictionary Wordpress Plugin download

Here is the xili-dictionary wordpress plugin download link you can download and install to your Wordpress Website.

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