mb.YTPlayer for background videos Download for wordpress you need atleast PHP version and 3.3.7 wordpress version to install and active the Wp plugin. Before going to Download mb.YTPlayer for background videos for wordpress ensure that you have installed atleast 5.7.8 older wordpress version It is tested with the 5.7.8 wordpress version.This Plugin supported Languages are .

Download mb.YTPlayer for background videos Wordpress plugin to install in your Wordpress blog Manually. This mb.YTPlayer for background videos is used to Play any Youtube video as background of your page or as custom player inside an element of the page.


Note:mb.YTPlayer for background videos Wordpress plugin download is the Direct download link. you can also check the mb.YTPlayer for background videos in Wordpress plugin repository and download mb.YTPlayer for background videos latest version Wordpress plugin

Download mb.YTPlayer for background videos from Wordpress Directory

mb.YTPlayer for background videos Wordpress plugin Download

I’m using the plug in as background video and I can see the control bar on the bottom but the video doesn’t display

Your theme is probably using a wrapper for the content and it probably has a background color or image. You should check the CSS and remove that background to let the video that is behind do display correctly.

Does it work on mobile devices

Yes! the only difference is that the background video starts once the device scrin is touched after the page has been loaded.

I would have an image on the background before the video starts and after the video end; how can I do?

The simplest way is to add an image as background of the body via CSS.

I set the video quality to hd1080 but it doesn’t display at this quality; why?

The video quality option is just a suggestion for the Youtube API; the video is served by Youtube with the quality that best fits the bandwidth and the display size according to that setting.

The video stops some seconds before the real end; why?

To prevent the display of the “play” button provided by the Youtube API the video intentionally stops some seconds before the end; if you are the owner of the video I can suggest to make it a little bit longer (about 3/4 seconds).

I love your plugin! What can I do to help?

Creating and supporting this plugin takes up a lot of my free time

mb.YTPlayer for background videos Added Wordpress Plugins Aternatives

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