YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts PluginWordpress Plugin download

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Download for wordpress you need atleast 5.3 or higher PHP version and 5.27.8 wordpress version to install and active the Wp plugin. Before going to Download YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for wordpress ensure that you have installed atleast 6.0.3 latest wordpress version It is tested with the 6.0.3 wordpress version.This Plugin supported Languages are Catalan, Chinese (China), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English (Canada), English (UK), Eng.

Download YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Wordpress plugin to install in your Wordpress blog Manually. This YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is used to The best WordPress plugin for displaying related posts. Simple and flexible, with a powerful proven algorithm and inbuilt caching.


Note:YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Wordpress plugin download is the Direct download link. you can also check the YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin in Wordpress plugin repository and download YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin latest version Wordpress plugin

Download YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin from Wordpress Directory

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Wordpress plugin Download

Many pages list “no related posts.”

Most likely you have “no related posts” right now because the default “match threshold” is too high. Here’s what we recommend to find an appropriate match threshold

I don’t want to show posts from two years ago.

In WordPress

Where do I tell YARPP to display related posts only by tags?

In WordPress

Can I manually specify related posts?


I’m seeing related posts displayed on the home page. How do I prevent that?

Some WordPress themes treat the home page as an archive or a “page.” Go to “Settings” then “Related Posts (YARPP)” and view the “Automatic Display Options” section. Make sure “Pages” and “Also display in archives” are not checked.

How can I prevent the “related posts” list from displaying on specific posts?

Option 1

uncheck “Display Related Posts” in the YARPP box. Be sure to update or publish to save your changes. Option 2

Add <!--noyarpp--> to the HTML code of any post to prevent related posts from displaying.

Option 3


If you’re familiar with CSS

to make sure they’ll override the YARPP rules. Some common overrides that YARPP users have added are

/* Reduces the title font size and displays more than two title lines */
.yarpp-thumbnail {height

How do I remove sold out WooCommerce products from recommendations (and otherwise filter by postmeta)?

If you use YARPP to show related products and want to exclude products that are sold out

use the following code snippet

function yarpp_custom_wp_query($query) {

100); Note

this filter applies after the related items were already calculated

I’m using the Thumbnails display. How can I change the thumbnail size?

As of YARPP v5.19.0

add the following to your theme’s functions.php file with appropriate width and height variables

add_image_size( yarpp-thumbnail

you will probably want to have WordPress regenerate appropriate sized thumbnails for all of your images. We highly recommend the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin for this purpose. Note

if you don’t use YARPP’s thumbnail size

you might want to avoid generating it for newly uploaded images to save space. To do that add the following code snippet to your theme’s functions.php file

add_filter( yarpp_add_image_size

I’m using the Thumbnails display. Why aren’t the right size thumbnails being served?

By default

so it is not ideal. What you really want is for YARPP to serve appropriately-sized thumbnails. There are two options for doing so

  • First

    I’m using the Thumbnails display. Why are some of my posts missing appropriate images?

    YARPP’s thumbnail view requires that a WordPress “featured image” be set for each post. If you have many posts that never had a featured image set

    Is YARPP compatible with WordPress Multisite?

    YARPP should work fine in a multisite environment

    I want to use YARPP on a site with content in multiple languages.

    The recommended solution in such cases is to use the Polylang plugin. Polylang has posted a tutorial for using YARPP with Polylang.

    Does YARPP work with full-width characters or languages that don’t use spaces between words?

    YARPP works fine with full-width (double-byte) characters

    Does YARPP slow down my blog/server?

    YARPP is a highly optimized plugin with an inbuilt cache that makes subsequent queries super efficient. This means that YARPP will not slow your site down.

    If you are running a large site and need to throttle YARPP’s computation

    Are there any plugins that are incompatible with YARPP?

    • SEO_Pager plugin

      YARPP seems to be broken since I upgraded to WordPress X.X.

      Before upgrading to a new WordPress version

      try these steps

      1. Visit the “YARPP” settings page to verify your settings.
      2. Deactivate YARPP

        Can I clear my cache? Can I build up the cache manually?


        How to add support for a Custom Post Type (CPT)?

        To make YARPP support your Custom Post Type (CPT)

        the attribute yarpp_support must be set to true when the CPT is registered. The CPT will then be available in the YARPP settings page. yarpp_support => true For example

        function register_my_cpt() {
          $args = array(
            public => true

        you can still add the yarpp_support argument

         * Filter the CPT to register more options
         * @param $args       array    The original CPT args.
         * @param $post_type  string   The CPT slug.
         * @return array
        function add_yarpp_support_to_post_types( $args

        Does YARPP support custom taxonomies?

        Yes. Any taxonomy

        Can I disable the Review Notice forever?

        If you want to prevent the Review Notice from appearing you can use the function below

        Can I disable the request-for-feedback modal when deactivating the plugin?

        Sure. Use the following code


        Beginning with version 4.0.7

        YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Added Wordpress Plugins Aternatives

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