YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel Download for wordpress you need atleast PHP version and 1.3.3 wordpress version to install and active the Wp plugin. Before going to Download YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel for wordpress ensure that you have installed atleast older wordpress version It is tested with the wordpress version.This Plugin supported Languages are .

Download YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel Wordpress plugin to install in your Wordpress blog Manually. This YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel is used to Elfsight YouTube Gallery allows you to arrange YouTube content in a unique and impressive YouTube video gallery or channel.


Note:YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel Wordpress plugin download is the Direct download link. you can also check the YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel in Wordpress plugin repository and download YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel latest version Wordpress plugin

Download YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel from Wordpress Directory

YouTube Gallery – YouTube Channel Wordpress plugin Download

Can I use YouTube plugin several times on one page?

You can use the plugin as many times per page as you want. Each time you are able to set different parameters so that your web page will include unique YouTube video galleries with various settings. Moreover

How to use YouTube plugin Yottie shortcode?

You can add shortcode of our YouTube channel plugin to any place of your website. There are 3 ways of using the available shortcode

footer or any other php file of your WordPress theme. To do this use the following function

<?php do_shortcode([yottie channel=]); ?>.
Learn more about this function on

What are shortcode settings which I can use to customize my YouTube video playlist?

  • channel – set any YouTube channel as a basis of your video gallery to display its information and all YouTube videos in the plugin.
  • source_groups – Organize videos in your YouTube gallery or create up to 2 custom groups from any combination of YouTube sources (channels

    How to increase the speed of video gallery loading?

    You are able to use cache_time option in order to cache the YouTube videos in a client side database IndexedDB. In this case

    Can I use several channels as sources in one YouTube video gallery?

    The number of YouTube channels available for usage depends on how you are going to show your YouTube channels.

    1. In case of using any channel as a basic source for your YouTube gallery then you can use only one. In the channel source field you are able to set only one channel. As a result

      How many YouTube sources I can set in each custom video group?

      You can insert as many YouTube sources as you want. However

      Is it possible to arrange a separate playlist by specifying single YouTube videos?

      You can definitely do it. Just find the desired video on YouTube

      Can I make my YouTube video gallery responsive to any browser’s size?

      The width adjusts automatically to any screen size in the Lite version of the YouTube plugin. The height of your YouTube gallery plugin takes values due to the number of rows

      How many YouTube videos I can display in the gallery?

      Nothing restricts your ideas. Add all YouTube videos you want. You can display all videos in one default group “Uploads” or sort them by some specific object and perform several YouTube video groups. The final content of the YouTube gallery depends only on you!

      Can anyone subscribe the presented YouTube channel in the header?

      On conditions that your web guests log in YouTube account they are able to subscribe your YouTube channel by clicking on the appropriate button. You just have to turn the Subscribe button on in the YouTube header’s settings. The approximate number of your YouTube subscribers will be shown in the header. By wish

      From where should I take images for a custom logo and banner?

      Any image

      How do responsive breakpoints work?

      Your web page can be opened on any PC or mobile device and the YouTube plugin should be ready for it as well as overall content of the website. To guarantee the best user experience on various browsing devices we’ve prepared the special “responsive breakpoints” option in the YouTube plugin Yottie.

      This option allows you to define manually the number of columns

      your YouTube plugin can consider more responsive breakpoints for bigger screen resolutions. The option has a top limit in the YouTube gallery. It means that you have to specify the maximum window’s width in pixels by which your breakpoints should stay active. Don’t forget that you’ve already set YouTube gallery’s columns and rows when you customized sizes. These parameters will be applied if the screen is bigger than the selected breakpoints. Note

      the presented feature is available in the Pro version of our YouTube gallery plugin.

      How can I test Yottie features before downloading the YouTube plugin?

      We’ve created a special web page with the Online Demo on it. Just follow this link and play with all features of our YouTube gallery plugin.

      What the available play modes of YouTube videos?

      The Lite version of our YouTube plugin allows opening any video in a popup window right on your WordPress website.


      Does Yottie include color customization?

      Yottie Pro has 60 UI parameters

      How do I set the gallery sources?

      The rich functionality of the Elfsight YouTube plugin doesn’t make it complicated or hard to use. In fact

      What settings do I configure on the Layout tab?

      On the Layout tab you can let your fancy roam free

      How do I set the thumbnails and video mode?

      On the Video tab you can configure the appearance of video thumbnails by choosing the information you need to display on them. Also

      How do I set the gallery’s colors?

      On the Colors tab you can color the gallery in any way you like. You can either choose one of the 5 predefined color schemes

      What do the settings on Other tab do?

      The last but not the least comes the group of settings on Other tab. Here you can set the cache time

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