Faster Web Chrome Extensions

Total faster web plugins - 15
SwiftRead - read faster, learn more Chrome extension download
SwiftRead - read faster, learn more Read two or three times faster, with SwiftRead. Absorb knowledge and learn more.
Web Boost - Wait Less, Browse Faster! Chrome extension download
Web Boost - Wait Less, Browse Faster! Make your web pages load faster! Boost browser speed!
ParagraphAI - Write Better, Faster Chrome extension download
ParagraphAI - Write Better, Faster ParagraphAI is an AI-powered writing tool that crafts perfectly curated content for all your writing needs.
Bionify | Read faster! Chrome extension download
Bionify | Read faster! Open source text converter designed to help you read faster!
Faster Suite Browser Link Chrome extension download
Faster Suite Browser Link Open documents straight from Clio, get free PACER looks, and much, much more.
Spark View, Faster than any native RDP client Chrome extension download
Spark View, Faster than any native RDP client Pure HTML5, supports clipboard, drive, sound, printer, RemoteFX, RemoteApp, session auditing/shadowing/prelaunch
InTab - Style Websites Faster Chrome extension download
InTab - Style Websites Faster Visually Style Any Website In Any Browser
Faster Panopto Chrome extension download
Faster Panopto Forked version of Fast panopto designed to work on both firefox and chrome
Faster Cooldowns Chrome extension download
Faster Cooldowns This extension makes your life easier.
AstroSpeed - Read 5x Faster Chrome extension download
AstroSpeed - Read 5x Faster Unlock your brain to read 5x faster
Faster Browsing Chrome extension download
Faster Browsing Faster Browsing on Chrome
Hightlight to Search Faster Chrome extension download
Hightlight to Search Faster Quicker and simpler than the Google's official extension! Select a word then click a button to open a results page on Google. Any…
Reddit Faster Chrome extension download
Reddit Faster Reddit Faster lets you open a subreddit just by typing its name, search Reddit straight from your address bar, and more.
Load GIFs faster with gfycat Chrome extension download
Load GIFs faster with gfycat This lightweight extension simply adds a right-click context menu item for opening optimized GIFs with
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