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1 Click Translator Google Chrome Extension Download

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1 Click Translator chrome extension

1 Click Translator Google chrome Extension overview

1 Click Translator chrome extension is Highlight the text you want to translate, and a translation popup will appear automatically..

1 click translator 8.4 +fix translation issues 1 Click Translator 8.3 add support to new languages.

fix translate to second language few more fixes 1 Click Translator v8.1 +Fix translation issues +add alot more langs support 1 Click Translator v8.0 +Fix translation issues +farisi option is now Persian (mistyping) 1 click translator v7.5.5 +Bug Fixes 1 Click Translator v7.5.3 +Fix translate to second language 1 Click Translator v7.5 + Fix Translate to second language.

+ Fix translate with ctrl key required.

1 Click Translator v7.4.1 + Quick Fix!

+ Fix issue with google reader layout.

1 Click Translator v7.3 Whats New + Translation appears on GMail now.

+ 3 new themes added.

+ Increase/decrease font size for translation popup.

+ It is possible now to make translation have fixed position.

1 Click Translator v7.2 Whats New +Support Translation for Twitter Timeline (Thanks to Denise Arruda) 1 Click Translator v7.1 Whats New +Adding support to Farsi Language (Thanks to Taha Zd) 1 Click Translator v7.0 Whats New + New Design, it looks nicer!

+ Support new languages like Ukraine.... - Remove some languages that are not supported by big translator apis +Its recommended to remove the old version before you install the new one.

Please contact me via extensions Facebook page, and let me know if you have any issues.

1 click translator v6.5 Whats New +Add support to 18 more languages.

1 Click Translator v6.0.1 Whats New I Fixed The Issue, Extension is Working Again using microsoft bing translate api :D Announcement: The extension stopped working since dec-1st, and that because google translate api is no long free :(, I am working on changing the API to use microsoft bing api, its the only free API, and very good.

Thanks, Khalil.

1 click translator v5.0.1 Important: Upgrading the translator to v5.0.1 causes a problem with translation, to solve the problem uninstall the translator, and re-install it again.

Limitations: 1- This extension does not work on google chrome webstore site.

The extension does not work on this page.

(This limitation from Google) 2- You must refresh every page after installing this extension, or better to restart the browser after installing the extension.

How it works All you need to do is to: (1 Click) highlight the text you want to translate.

and 1 click on the selected text to see a popup with the translation to first language.

(1 Click + ALT-KEY) highlight the text you want to translate.

and 1 click on the selected text while you

1 Click Translator Chrome extension Download

It is the 1 Click Translator google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download 1 Click Translator chrome extension (CRX)

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