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AdBlock chrome extension

AdBlock Google chrome Extension overview

AdBlock chrome extension is AdBlock with bonus functionality.

AdBlock with bonus functionality.

extension provides full privacy control over your Chrome Browser: check suspicious links with norton safe web, WOT, and McAfee.

block annoying ads.

Disable all website tracking scripts.

enhanced browser speed since ads and tracked are blocked.


check destination url with web antivirus services!


Preview a web page in the regular window or Google incognito window.


Check with: - Google Advisory - McAfee - Norton Safe Web - WOT - Avast!

- TrustWave - drweb online check!

stay one step ahead of viruses, phishing software and adware!

If you use Safe Preview, you will know everything about a page you are going to visit even before it opens!

regular antivirus programs analyze web pages as they are loaded and theres always a chance they wont notice a malicious code.

Safe Preview, on the contrary, does its job before a page is loaded - you just click the safe preview icon next to a link you are about to follow, and you will be able to see if the target page is safe or not.

Tips: - Configure how fast the icon will appear and disappear; - You can turn off any of the services; - Sometimes you will have to enter norton safeweb security images.

Use uppercase or lowercase letters; - add trusted websites that don’t have to be checked; We will add new features once we become fully approved.

Now, addon is in queue...

AdBlock Chrome extension Download

It is the AdBlock google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download AdBlock chrome extension (CRX)

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