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Apex Debugger chrome extension

Apex Debugger Google chrome Extension overview

Apex Debugger chrome extension is Debug Salesforce apex code with ease.

Apex debugging with ease.

improved debug logs for Salesforce classes, triggers, batches, jobs, api calls.

Press Alt+Shift+d from any salesforce page to open debug logs and add current user • Improved view of logs (select from available themes).

• search string in latest logs • Click any Id to go to Object (Class, Trigger, Validation Rule e.t.c).

• indent user debug (sObject, List, XML or JSON) • improved class log filtering to minimize debug noise and prevent hitting 2m log size limit • delete all logs (all ofem).

• add current user.

• Lightweight and fast (less than 40k) Its Free.

Free as in Speech.

http://motiko.github.io/sfdc-debug-logs/ Share.



Apex Debugger Chrome extension Download

It is the Apex Debugger google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Apex Debugger chrome extension (CRX)

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