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Book Discovery chrome extension is Book recommendation through web site you visit.

Book recommendation through web site you visit.

2015 july 4th independent day update: v 3.0.3 - Major fix of bugs due to changes in Chrome browser.

Revive the book discovery features.

(Official Description) book discovery helps you find books that are related to web site you visit.

It is powered by proprietary natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithm.

Check: for our add-on for Firefox, and Safari.

Book Discovery has a similar concept to Pandora, but we have a different approach.

Pandora has attributes group (i.e.

genome) for music, and analyze attributes for each song.

We cant take this approach, as our job is actually to bridge two media - print media and Internet media - and earlier attempts to classify them (esp.

for web) are not successful.

Therefore, we take a natural language processing approach, which we believes is more scalable.

Our basic algorithm is similar to what search engine use to analyze web page.

With that being said, we know we cant handle all web page successfully from standard of human intelligent.

For example, books discovered might not be accurate for web portal/homepage which tends to be an index page of many topics.

Our algorithm is designed to find a topic from web page you visit and discover book in that topic.

The narrower the topic your current web page is, the more accurate book discovery is.

For example, if youre reading this hawaii travel site (, you will be surprised how accurate our service is.

According to our own experience, about 70%-80% time you will see books that are relevant to your current web page.

We acknowledge this, and are working hard to improve the algorithm.

Book Discovery is designed to be the least intrusive.

A heuristic logic is in place to prevent book recommendation from disrupting users normal web browsing activity.

Book Discovery will make the recommendation only when its confident to do so.

You can always override the default logic and explicitly ask book discovery to recommend book for current web page.

Simply click the logo button around upper left corner of your browsers navigation bar (usually beside browsers home button).

discovered books will show up shortly.

You are given full control on how discovered books are presented.

In Options" menu which appears every time on discovered book notification box, you can choose to rank results by book

Book Discovery is deleted from Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is

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