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Dr. Pencil chrome extension

Dr. Pencil Google chrome Extension overview

Dr. Pencil chrome extension is The PENCIL that helps you DOCTOR. GET IT? (Many icons from: http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/).

Change the locally displayed text and content of webpages on the fly.

Useful if you want to doctor up a nice fake screencap ("Duke Nukem Forever release date set!"

... wait... that example doesnt work anymore does it).

To Use: - Open a webpage - Click the outline of a pencil in the omnibox (if you dont see it, Dr. Pencil cant edit that page due to Chromes api restrictions, try an http or https website that isnt the extension gallery).

- Type stuff in the page, delete stuff, select stuff, open the popup with the pencil in the omnibox at any time.

- Use the popup to make other changes to the current selection.

- Enter text in the dropdowns to use any valid css color style, font name, or html tag to wrap text in (in the "Style" field).

- Find the camera button in the popup to take a picture of your creation.

- Click the stop button in the popup to stop editing and return the webpage to normal browsing mode.

Known Limitations/Bugs I couldnt work around... a result of bugs or implementation details in Chrome: - Undo and redo dont work properly with text typing, only with the effects of the popup toolbar.

Use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y instead.

- Cut/Copy/Paste will rely on a future chrome extension api and so are disabled for now.

Use the wrench menu or keyboard shortcuts.

- The current style cannot be displayed, you can only select a style or type a block html element name to enclose the selected text in.

- Previews of fonts are not properly rendered in the font drop down.

- Direct setting of font sizes is limited to 7 possible values in px.

The px values in the dropdown may not be accurate in non-96 dpi screen setups or when pages are zoomed (the proper size will still be displayed in the actual select box value).

Use the accompanying buttons to adjust the font sizes in increments of 1px.

- Spellcheck will end up underlining words, spoiling your doctoring.

You can turn it off with a toolbar button in the popup, but the lines seem to stick so you might want to do it before you start editing.

- Pressing backspace in an infobar (infobar is disabled, so this is for future reference) causes the tab to navigate back, wiping out your work.

When infobars are enabled if this problem still exists a workaround is to open the page you want to work on in its own tab so it has no tab history and cant be navigated backwards.

- This extension uses document.designMode which seems to have a lot of shortcomings and quirks.

Likely much of the glitches you see are beyond my control (unless they specif

Dr. Pencil Chrome extension Download

It is the Dr. Pencil google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Dr. Pencil chrome extension (CRX)

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