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EasyVoice Search chrome extension

EasyVoice Search Google chrome Extension overview

EasyVoice Search chrome extension is Voice search using any search engine easily!.

Simply press the red microphone icon in the top bar or assign a chrome hotkey and begin speaking!

formerly named nowvoicesearch.

Features Include: • Activated with a click of a button on every page (inside the omnibar).

• Can be assigned a keyboard shortcut inside chrome.

• Set your preferred search page (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc).

• Use a custom search provider that is not already included by providing a search URL.

• Uses no permissions.

** New in version 2.2 ** • EasyVoiceSearch is now completely self hosted under EasyVoice.xyz • updates can now be pushed a lot faster and independent of the chrome store • new look for the "recognise" page • lots of behind the scenes changes to improve performance • plans to support FireFox, Opera, and Edge browsers ** New in version 2.2 ** • Improved recognition page • Recognition page moved to local file inside extension • added option to speak results • added option to choose lanauge.

Browser preference is chosen by default • improved stability and bugfixes ** New in version 2.2 ** • Updated options and welcome page with "material design" • Performance improvements ** New in version 2.1 ** • Added YouTube and WikiPedia as a search provider.

• Ability to define custom search pages.

** New in version 2.0 ** • New "voice recognition" page.

• Choose from a variety of search engines (More coming soon).

• set description to "voice search using any search engine easily!".

** New in version 1.2.1 ** • Set name to "EasyVoiceSearch".

• Set description to "Voice search from anywhere!".

• improved options page.

• welcome page automatically opens upon installation.

• general improvements.

• added google.ca

EasyVoice Search Chrome extension Download

It is the EasyVoice Search google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download EasyVoice Search chrome extension (CRX)

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