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    Deleted from Chrome Web store
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Floating Player for Youtube chrome extension is Floating Video Player for Youtube.

floating video player for Youtube.

play youtube video(s) from within the search page without having to navigate to the page.

simply right click on the thumbnail of any video to open it in a pop up.

.== upcoming features == 1.

Create playlists (soon) 2.

player themes/skins (soon) 3.

Integration with YouTube account (near future) 4.

Popup any YouTube link from any website (near future) == whats new == 1.

Settings page (synchronised with Google account) with options like playback options, player size etc.


Switch between 4 different player sizes 3.

Lots of bug fixes & improvements 4.

gui improvements 5.

Fixed bug with dynamically loaded elements (search results etc.

that automatically loads after the page finished loading) 6.

htc one skin: work-in-progress == Features == 1.

Pop up videos (right click on any video/playlist link or thumbnail) 2.

Open in a new window 3.

multiple pop ups 4.

Drag/float around anywhere you like (within the browser) 5.

Sidebar with recently played videos 6.

Search videos from within popup 7.

Drag and drop videos into any existing popup to play If you like the extension, a high rating + good review is a kind gesture and a great encouragement to any developer :-) If theres any bugs or if you have any feature suggestion/requests please give your valuable feedback.

You can also get support through the official facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/YTFloatingPlayer Cheers!

Floating Player for Youtube is deleted from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/. Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/floating-player-for-youtu/jghooglnejkgieojepflhlhicfbmmndg

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