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Fluentcards Dictionary for Chrome Download

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Fluentcards Dictionary chrome extension is Look up words in a dictionary and save as flashcards..

Look up words in a dictionary and save as flashcards..

fluentcards dictionary lets you easily look up words and phrases in online dictionaries.

The words you look up, along with context, will be stored in the browsers memory as flashcards.

You can later export these flashcards for review in Anki or Memrise.

How to use: simply select any word on a webpage and click the little yellow cards icon under the word.

You will see a definition and hear the words pronounciation.

How to export to Anki: Click on the fluentcards toolbar icon and press the "export flashcards" button.

A text file will appear that you need to save and import into Anki.

See http://ankisrs.net/docs/manual.html#importing-text-files.

Fluentcards Dictionary is deleted from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/. Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fluentcards/fdppeilamokmgmobedkdmjiedkbblngd

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