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Livestream downloader Google Chrome Extension Download

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Livestream downloader chrome extension

Livestream downloader Google chrome Extension overview

Livestream downloader chrome extension is This extension will allow you to download videos from past events on

A google chrome extension that allows you to download that are available for free in the website.

This extension works on almost all of the old livestream videos.

It seems that on some 2016 videos there point to some broken links for which theres nothing I can do as a developer.

Those broken links can now be seen in red colour within the extension, so that you dont spend your time clicking on them.

Release notes: version 1.5: -Changed the way we fetch the data to support some new pages created -Added color on broken links (because some users have been reporting dead links) - indeed there are some lately.

-Added hints on hover of each link -Added a loading bar -Made the code much cleaner and the extension a bit more performant.

Version 1.4 : - The filename of the downloaded video is now the name of the video in Version 1.3 : - Fixed a bug which prevented more than 10 videos to be shown.

Version 1.2 : - Added the ability to search for your desired video within the results.

- The label now gives a more accurate error message if theres an error.

Version 1.1 : Fixed a bug on which the user was limited to just the 10 first videos of an event.

He can now download them all.

Livestream downloader Chrome extension Download

It is the Livestream downloader google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Livestream downloader chrome extension (CRX)

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