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PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) Google Chrome Extension Download

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PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) chrome extension

PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) Google chrome Extension overview

PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) chrome extension is Join Worlds Largest Voice and Webcam Chat. Start chatting with Users from all over the world using PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat)..

join worlds largest voice and Webcam Chat with "Paltalk Express (Popup Chat)" Extention for Chrome and Opera Browsers.

The Application it self is a flash chat supported by Paltalk Express and Paltalk Messengre.

The Main Chat itself comes with unique Software and can be downloaded from Paltalk Website at

As for this Application you can use it as basic flash chat application and join chat rooms directly from your Chrome or opera web browser.

Just Install the Chat Extension and on your top right corner click on the Chat Icon to Load the Chat Application.

================================== How to Login and Join a chat room ================================== - In order to Login and Join the Chat Rooms, you have to Register a Username and a Password.

You can Register through Flash Chat Application.

- After you Login, Simply "Double Click" on a Chat Room and Wait for it to join.

- You can also Register and Login to the Chat using the Main Software from

============== release note: ============== At this time we only release the Chat as simple popup chat popup.

Users will be able to Join any room on Paltalk Messenger through this App.

For future releases we will also Include the top 10 staff pick rooms on Paltalk, so Users can join the top rooms directly from the very start instead of Logging in first.

PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) Chrome extension Download

It is the PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) chrome extension (CRX)

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