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Push2Droid chrome extension

Push2Droid Google chrome Extension overview

Push2Droid chrome extension is Push2Droid Extension enables you to send links and other information from Chrome to your Android device..

Push2Droid enables you to send links and other information from Chrome to your Android device.

Push2Droid is comprised of a chrome browser extension and an Android application.

Features: send browser links from Chrome to your phone; google maps links launch the google maps application on Android; youtube links launch the youtube application on Android; selecting a phone number will automatically launch the dialer with the number populated; selecting text on a Web page will copy the clipboard to Android (long press a text box to paste on Android).

Installation: 1. install the push2droid extension and click on the toolbar icon to sign in; 2. install the push2droid android app from http://bit.ly/push2droid-play and complete the simple set-up process; 3.

Click the toolbar icon in Chrome to send the link or currently selected text to your phone.

Push2Droid Chrome extension Download

It is the Push2Droid google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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