Best Active Tab Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total active tab plugins - 437
Refresh Active Frame Chrome extension download
Refresh Active Frame Refresh active frame or ifrmae with keyboard shortcut, fallback to refresh page if active element is not a frame

oldfashioned website built, refresh page, active frame, cmd ctrl, active element, shortcut key, alt shift, reload button, refresh active frame, keyboard shortcut, gain focus, keyboard shortcut fallback, address bar, many websites

AdSense Active View Monitor Chrome extension download
AdSense Active View Monitor Monitors Activity of Google AdSense Active View

active view, ad unit, adsense active view, adsense active view occurs, ad slot id, google adsense active view, page layout, web page layout, google adsense publishers, ad units, google adsense, page url

LineupSorter Chrome extension download
LineupSorter Allows you to quickly sort your Yahoo Fantasy Basketball roster for the week.

fantasy basketball lineup, yahoo fantasy basketball, active roster, active roster spot, yahoo fantasy basketball roster, active roster spots, multiple fantasy leagues, fantasy league websites, fantasy players, active players

Desaturate Chrome extension download
Desaturate Remove all color from the active page.

placing css webkit filter, css webkitfilter value, color, convert, grayscale, html element, active page, page, active web page

InstaSloth Chrome extension download
InstaSloth One button, many sloth.

mood sloths, current mood, extension tutorial, online social websites, tutorial image, random sloths, creative commons license, random sloth, tutorial tabs, chrome extension tutorial, current active text field, active text field, development feature searches, current active

ActiveReload Chrome extension download
ActiveReload Clears All Browser Cache and cookies for active domain and then reloads the active tab

active tab, keyboard shortcuts press, chrome scroll, keyboard shortcuts, active domain, assign key, plugin clears, keyboard shortcut, key combination, browser cache

ShutUp!Tab Chrome extension download
ShutUp!Tab Mute the active tab permanently via black list of domains.

active tab, enable tab audio muting ui, enable link, automatically mute tabs, enable chrome, chrome address bar, automatically scroll, active tab permanently, enable tab audio muting, chrome enable tab audio muting, black list, mute active tab, type chrome enabletabaudiomuting, address bar, blacklisted urls, old version

Tab Sleep Timer Chrome extension download
Tab Sleep Timer Close the tab with your favorite series or any another streaming video/audio after the desired time - sleep in silence

tab selection, desired time, another streaming videoaudio, chrome windows, initial release, active timers, postpone list, change log, streaming video audio, incorrect tab selection, active timers fixed fix, favorite series

Zimbra Mail Notifier Chrome extension download
Zimbra Mail Notifier Notify you when your zimbra webmail has new incoming mails

active tab, 201103042054 foss, update v0, important mails, simple utility, unread mails, new unread mails, zimbra version, installation set active tab, inbox folders, new incoming mails, zimbra webmail

Active Whois & Flags extension Chrome extension download
Active Whois & Flags extension Displays the flags, IP address and Whois data of websites. Says the country name of a visited site. Active Whois 5.2++ required.

unique whoishyperlink feature allows, explore domain, easytouse network tool, ip address information, ip address, please note, internet domain, active whois, talk features, site whois, detailed analyzing, allow extension

Tabs limiter with queue Chrome extension download
Tabs limiter with queue Tabs limiter with queue.

window queues, n mart nez, context menu option, active queue items, active window, background tab, saved queues, slow network mode, active queue, chrome internal pages, legal stuff tabs, tab wont, simple tab limiter, extension tabs queue, background tabs, source code, tabs queue, chrome window, automatic queue migration, extension functionality, queue limit, original source code, queue tabs

Capture for JIRA Chrome extension download
Capture for JIRA Rapid agile testing.

active jira instance, active jira, quality software, essential tool, feedback quickly, give rich, incomplete reports, thorough feedback, please note, every development team, time fixing issues, team, development team delivering

Twitter Growth Hacking Chrome extension download
Twitter Growth Hacking Dead simple chrome extension to follow your targeted audience on Twitter in one click.

last days, targeted audience, another tip, favourite accounts, active people, simple chrome extension, active people avatar description tweeted, dead simple chrome extension, lists audience, unfollow process, filter people

Tab Reloader Chrome extension download
Tab Reloader Reload a Tab on a regular basis.

specified time interval, active tab, regular basis, countdown starts, pageaction show, scheduled reload, tabs url, context menu, reload recurrently, active tab reloader, page action show, extra icon, reload tab, page action, domain changes

Goatbox for BTC-e Chrome extension download
Goatbox for BTC-e Adds 'ignore' to's chatbox (aka "trollbox"). Banish spammers, scam-artists, bores, racists, dullards and trolls!

wallet addresses, active development, bores racists, banish spammers, accept donations, unofficial extension, stopped active development, inline media, features include, enable inline youtube, risk enable inline youtube, imgur media, allows scripts

URL2QR Chrome extension download
URL2QR This extension generates a QR code for the current tab's URL.

chrome app, store information, qr code, bar code scanner, qr codes, active internet connection, google play store, current url, active internet, share qr code, current tab url, inigma qr code, app offline, systems support qr codes

Etsy Favorites Cleanup Chrome extension download
Etsy Favorites Cleanup Helps to clean up you favorites list.

favorite products, favorites list, favorite lists, small application fav cleanup, cleanup shops, google chrome extension, fav cleanup, much repetitive work, every little heart, active page, favorites lists page, unfav sold, every active member

WPSNIFFER Chrome extension download
WPSNIFFER Detects active WordPress theme being used on current WordPress website.

current wordpress website, wordpress theme, detects active wordpress theme, theme, links, active wordpress theme, google search, themes, detects

Adams12 Resources Helper Chrome extension download
Adams12 Resources Helper This extension is for Adams12 school district users.

adams12 school district users, adams12 users, active adams12, resources, help adams12 users, access variety, account, login, active adams12 user account, latest version

Force Background Tab Chrome extension download
Force Background Tab Force New Tab Running In Background

bugfix fix, active mode, new rules, open tabs, new tab, open identical tabs, google account, bugfix add chrome, bugfix add, chrome version, improved update, add active mode, add chrome extension, exception list, tab flash, new rule management, fit new version

Keyboard Shortcuts to Reorder Tabs Chrome extension download
Keyboard Shortcuts to Reorder Tabs Reorder shortcuts using ctrl-shift pgup/pgdn on Windows/Mac just like you can already do in Linux.

active tab, active tab right, ctrl shift pgup, chrome extensions, unobtrusive extension fixes, shortcuts ctrl shift pgup, first position, minor code cleanup, ubuntu lucid lynx, google chrome webstore, windows windows, ctrlshift pguppgdn, ctrl shift

Tab Monkey Chrome extension download
Tab Monkey Quick tab navigation. Jump to last tab (previous tab), bookmark tabs, jump jump!

active tab, bookmark tabs, jump jump, music streaming beastmode, tab bookmark tabs jump jump, tabs open, music streaming, quick tab navigation, previous tab, multiple windows, previously active tab, last tab

Angular watchers Chrome extension download
Angular watchers Check how many watchers are active in an angular app

many watchers, many active watchers, increase performance, ultimate angularjs tool, angular app, graphcounter view toggle, global variable window, darklight theme toggle, angular watchers, angular modules, total number, last total number, active watchers

PGP Anywhere Chrome extension download
PGP Anywhere Use PGP wherever you are

keyring cloud synchronization anonymous simple fast open source active development support, source, active development support, sync encrypted, use pgp wherever, synchronization , open source , digital signatures, anonymous simple, permissions required, full clientside encryption

xTab Chrome extension download
xTab Limit the maximum number of tabs that can be open at the same time.

added page, donation link, new xtab logo, updated background page, tabs open, tabs tabs, default settings, additional functionality, active tab, new position, open tabs, tab limit dropdown, prevent tabs, prevent closing tabs, tab active, group policy please, updated extension, customize settings, enterprise environment, tab limit

ProHance Extension Chrome extension download
ProHance Extension This extension captures active tab's url.

extension captures active tab url, active tab, url, extension captures

Critical Style Snapshot Chrome extension download
Critical Style Snapshot Capture CSS above the fold with one click.

elements dont, captured css, click copy, extra click preview, critical style snapshot, cases minor, snapshot css capture css, click, capture css, extension captures, extra click, active media, active media query css, css, dont get

Record/Stream Screen Sharing Extension Chrome extension download
Record/Stream Screen Sharing Extension Share your screen while recording or streaming.

, active screen sharing, extension record, desktop, screen sharing extension record, active screen, screen, share, specific application, connected camera, stream

Community Meter Chrome extension download
Community Meter Get statistics from Google+ communities

post release notes, active members, audience identify, community meter lets, period selection, period chart, posts comments, comments top contributors people, google communities, community activity, community meter, active members people, every members, top contributors, allow custom period selection, commented posts top

SendMe Telegram Chrome extension download
SendMe Telegram Allows you to send links, images, maps, quotes from browser to your Telegram via bot.

send active page, links images, send image, browser system theme, light theme icon, sending link, additional text, web browser, clicking icon, context menu, browsersystem theme, use context menu, active page, send link url, darklight theme icon, send links images maps quotes

Country Flag + Chrome extension download
Country Flag + Shows country flag based on the server location for any website.

active tab, shows server, shows country flag based, different flag sizes, shows country flag, bug report, active tab url, geo country, tooltip text shows, country flag extension displays, bug report form, flag based, server location, flag icon, website server, country flag

GA Copy & Paste by Onetomarket Chrome extension download
GA Copy & Paste by Onetomarket This extension copies analytics goals.

active chrome browser tab, copies analytics goals, copying google analytics, google analytics filters, new interface, copy goals, extension copies, active chrome, google analytics copy paste, user friendly interface, universal analytics, new goal, google analytics, friendly interface, existing profiles

New Tab Manager Chrome extension download
New Tab Manager New Chrome extensions manager

new page extensions, page extensions, active installed, chrome extensions, uninstall extensions, new tab, default extension, shown active, original chrome extension, options page, new chrome extensions manager, installed extensions, test extensions, installed extension

PlayIt on XBMC Chrome extension download
PlayIt on XBMC PlayIt on XBMC sends selected URL to PlayIt service add-on installed on XBMC that resolves link to video and play/queue in player.

play videos, last played audio files, playit service add, service add, playit frame view, play active url, playit button, small size track list, xbmc player, service add ons, active url, options page, aj addons repository, frame view, player xbmc, favorite media player xbmc, unlimited soundcloud audio requests, video link, add ons, xbmc playit service add, hide frame view button, autoupdate service addons, frame view button

160by2 Compare: Best Prices, Deals & Coupons Chrome extension download
160by2 Compare: Best Prices, Deals & Coupons Compare Prices, get the best deals and apply the right coupons across websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay and more, all…

by2 compare, active deals, online shopping websites, compare prices, every time, prices coupons, real time, lowest prices, real time price comparison, active coupons, shopping websites, online store, online shopper, every online shopper craves

Galaga Chrome extension download
Galaga Play this retro Galaga flash game in any active tab!

active tab, shoot, press space, retro galaga flash game, play

Old Design VK Chrome extension download
Old Design VK The extension, which brings back old design of VK

old design, active development, brings, functions, errors, vk

AT Internet In-Page Analytics Chrome extension download
AT Internet In-Page Analytics An AT Internet In-Page Analytics tool

page analytics extension, chrome devtools view, popup view, internet inpage analytics tool, browser, internet inpage analytics extension allows, browser active page, page analytics tool, chrome devtools view f12, insights, active page, internet account

Help Scout Unread Counter Chrome extension download
Help Scout Unread Counter Check your Help Scout inbox's unassigned count.

active unassigned conversations, single inbox active unassigned conversations, show badge icon, unassigned count, scout api, single inbox, unread counter, scout unread counter, api key, help scout api, help scout inbox, scout inbox unassigned count, help scout

Zebra Notifier Chrome extension download
Zebra Notifier Get all of your currently assigned and active tasks from zebra.

active tasks, zebra

Tetris Chrome extension download
Tetris Play tetris flash on any active tab!

active tab, play tetris flash

Tab Splitter Chrome extension download
Tab Splitter Split the active tab and all tabs to it's right into a new window of the same dimensions.

active tab, page titles, feel pang, openinnewtab research spiral, topic divergence, chrome isnt, tab splitter, tab context menu, new window

Habivator - build a habit! Chrome extension download
Habivator - build a habit! Reach your goals - working out, reading, coding, anything - but first build a habit.

active development, every day, josephch405 gmail, reading coding, days week, advice panel, start meditating, extension tracks, natural part, support form

Facebook seen message remover Chrome extension download
Facebook seen message remover Prevents other people from seeing when you read their messages.

people, active others, messages, facebook messages, simply block, unblock, read, prevents

Pinboard style Chrome extension download
Pinboard style This is a simple extension to improve the look and feel for Pinboard (

active development, feel, chrome extension issues, pinboard, issue, simple extension, look, please, problems

BlueConic (For Developers) Chrome extension download
BlueConic (For Developers) Use a page with BlueConic.

active development, extension allows, blueconic, use, disable blueconic, improved version, blueconic use, plugin, page

Facebook Timer Chrome extension download
Facebook Timer A simple timer to see how much time is spent on Facebook every day.

active tab, facebook, much time, every day, extensions, spent, simple timer, counts

Privacy Extension Chrome extension download
Privacy Extension Provides Privacy for Chrome

active tab, localsession storage, prevent browser, effective measures, embedded resources, restricting exposure, open source, please note, header fields, overwriting navigator, user agent, cookie navigator canvas

That is Worth Chrome extension download
That is Worth Track prices on Amazon and Steam you think are currently too expensive and get notified once they drop to a price you specify.

everything happens, active development, worth, price drops, amazon, worth allows, registration required, track prices, price

SessionBox - Multi login to any website Chrome extension download
SessionBox - Multi login to any website Using websites with multiple accounts at the same time is made easy. Create an independent tab with a click of a button.

shared storage variables, commercial license, independent tab, noncommercial usage, chrome browser, multiple active sessions, multiple accounts, private sessions, secondary browsers

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