Best Ad Block Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total ad block plugins - 4
Adblock Plus Chrome extension download
Adblock Plus Used by over 50 million people, a free ad blocker that blocks ALL annoying ads, malware and tracking.

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AdBlock Chrome extension download
AdBlock The most popular Chrome extension, with over 40 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.

ads, adblock, version, chrome, blocked, history, website, blocks, automatically, web, million, unobtrusive, favorite, tab, safari

uBlock Origin Chrome extension download
uBlock Origin Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

ublock, lists, filters, origin, hosts, site, ad, memory, footprint, tracking, https, github, list, efficiency, web

Honey Chrome extension download
Honey Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online!

honey, extension, adblock, coupon, sites, google, codes, tools, united, automatically, terms, analytics, joinhoney, shopping, sales

Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS) Chrome extension download
Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS) Block unwanted ads, popups, tracking and malware (even on Facebook & Youtube), speed up your browsing, and protect your privacy.

ads, stands, privacy, browsing, data, block, protect, web, pop, experience, blocking, users, adblock, page, tracking

Fair Ads (by STANDS) Chrome extension download
Fair Ads (by STANDS) Support websites & a cause you care about by adding a few fair ads which don't track you or slow you down - instead of blocked ads

ads, stands, ad, fair, don, privacy, data, page, web, users, designated, online, support, extension, browsing

Webmail Ad Blocker Chrome extension download
Webmail Ad Blocker Block ads on the right side of the screen when using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and which expand your message space

ads, gmail, jasonsavard, changelog, ad, blocker, extensions, quot, people, control, remove, child, mail, choose, space

Windscribe - Free VPN and Ad Block Chrome extension download
Windscribe - Free VPN and Ad Block Windscribe VPN helps you mask your physical location, circumvent censorship, block ads and trackers on websites you use every day.

vpn, block, windscribe, content, privacy, browser, access, personal, tracking, data, location, stop, websites, extension, online

Doge Ad Blocker Chrome extension download
Doge Ad Blocker Show a doge ad instead of a normal ad. Much useful. Very ad. Wow.

ad, doge, extension, chrome, open, contribute, ctrl, cmd, major, blocker, iframes, project, common, range, dom

Hola ad blocker Chrome extension download
Hola ad blocker A free ad blocker that blocks annoying ads, malware and tracking.

blocks, blocker, ad, annoying, free, ads, malware, tracking, chrome, extension, features, hola

Pandora Listener Chrome extension download
Pandora Listener Removes the annoying Are You Still Listening? from Pandora.

station, extension, pandora, listening, blocker, songs, notifications, implementing, hour, studying, game, continue, party, board, dinner

ZenMate Web Firewall (Free, Plus Ad Blocker) Chrome extension download
ZenMate Web Firewall (Free, Plus Ad Blocker) Our Web Firewall is a security solution that blocks malware, trackers & security threats, plus free Ad Blocker against Malvertising!

zenmate, protection, security, data, malware, web, privacy, commercial, ad, faster, firewall, tracking, malvertising, blocker, blocks

AdBlocker Ultimate Chrome extension download
AdBlocker Ultimate Free and improved AdBlocker. Completely remove ALL ads. No "acceptable" ads or whitelisted advertisers, block tracking and malware!

ads, ad, ultimate, extension, websites, adblocker, added, speed, decrease, improve, https, block, adblockultimate, language, advertisers

Pandora Audio Ad Remover Chrome extension download
Pandora Audio Ad Remover Removes Pandora Ads, Add Song Title to Title Bar and Gives You A Quick Access Bar.

pandora, ads, removes, bar, quot, ad, songs, cbs, redirects, access, quick, title, select, album, address

Goodblock Ad Blocker Chrome extension download
Goodblock Ad Blocker Goodblock filters your ads so you only see one beautiful, charitable ad each day.

ad, ads, goodblock, privacy, permissions, charity, faster, blocking, protecting, block, blocker, day, trackers, data, charitable

Stop Ads - Full Ad Blocking Chrome extension download
Stop Ads - Full Ad Blocking The free ad blocker that blocks ALL annoying ads, speeds up your browsing and protects your privacy.

ads, work, ad, filter, auto, user, web, extension, blocking, stop, speeds, extended, list, plugin, adblock

Click to Remove Element Chrome extension download
Click to Remove Element Remove annoying elements with a single click

remove, elements, element, menu, chrome, performance, footprint, animated, version, shortcuts, overly, ad, activation, transpose, image

Adblock Fast Chrome extension download
Adblock Fast The world’s fastest ad blocker! Same ad blocking, 8x accelerated webpage loading.

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EcoSmart Filter Chrome extension download
EcoSmart Filter Make your browser work faster with no ads, annoying tracking and hardware overhead. Free ad-blocking extension.

ads, filter, ecosmart, tracking, browser, faster, saving, power, ad, efficient, block, web, extension, browsing, popups

Liverpool FC Reader Chrome extension download
Liverpool FC Reader Liverpool FC RSS Feed Reader

added, v0, lfc, liverpool, fc, feed, reader, post, descriptions, tab, coinurl, version, updated, directs, quotes

Ad Block - AdFilter Chrome extension download
Ad Block - AdFilter Free AdFilter that blocks advertisements that is not related to your interests, identified through your browsing habits.

advertisements, block, adfilter, ad, brands, relevant, internet, free, application, browsing, chrome, blocks, intelligence, interests, habits

Block Ads - easy ad blocker Chrome extension download
Block Ads - easy ad blocker Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

lists, ublock, filters, list, filter, memory, ad, blocker, server, tracking, file, host, usage, efficiency, mind

AdStop Chrome extension download
AdStop Surf the web with no restrictions

adstop, extension, web, hide, settings, click, peers, blocker, comparing, censorship, sites, facebook, blocked, annoying, browser

Domain Hunter Plus Chrome extension download
Domain Hunter Plus Scans the current tab for dead links and available domain names.

dhp, domain, scans, links, dead, click, ad, current, user, page, extension, chrome, hunter, blocking, software

Nonad VK Chrome extension download
Nonad VK Ad-blocker especially for VK.

vk, ad, left, blocker, birthdays, reminder, friends, site, suggested, remove, russian, social, chrome, largest, specially

Stop Ads Chrome extension download
Stop Ads Stopads , the new generation ad blocker allows you to navigate serenely on the web without intrusive ads ( pop up, siste under) or…

stopads, blocks, web, tracking, ads, site, intrusive, advertising, advertisements, pop, privacy, generation, banners, blocker, track

Facebook IBA Opt-out Chrome extension download
Facebook IBA Opt-out Permanently opts your browser out of Facebook ad personalisation via cookies.

facebook, extension, opt, ad, cookie, time, chrome, cookies, blocker, privacy, activity, personalised, tracked, online, stops

Popper Stopper Pro Chrome extension download
Popper Stopper Pro No more annoying popups and popunders. Period.

blocking, popping, extension, quot, block, pro, plugin, addition, annoying, chrome, recognized, send, original, popunder, complementary

Ad Blockirator Chrome extension download
Ad Blockirator Adblocker for all main social networks, such as Facebook, and

chrome, networks, social, extension, main, adblocker, blockirator, facebook, ad, vk, ru

Comodo AdBlocker Chrome extension download
Comodo AdBlocker Based on the same open source codebase used by over 50 million people, improved by blocking malware, tracking & ALL display ads

ad, malware, ads, cookies, adblocker, slow, improved, web, malvertising, open, browsing, computer, source, reading, writing

Random Button for Netflix Chrome extension download
Random Button for Netflix Add a random movie/TV show button to Netflix

movie, random, extension, button, support, incompatible, issues, india, brazil, version, added, show, netflix, choosing, ad

Mute Ads and Pause After Ads in Hulu Chrome extension download
Mute Ads and Pause After Ads in Hulu Will mute Hulu when ads start. When ads finish can pause the video and play a tone. **FYI: Does not work with Adblocker running**

ads, tone, show, hulu, ad, checked, player, pause, fixed, issues, plays, work, working, tab, email

Tracker SSL Chrome extension download
Tracker SSL Monitors and tests known ad trackers for HTTPS supprt

tests, extension, https, trackers, support, page, ad, active, parties, visit, tab, monitors, run, tracker, websites

CatBlock Chrome extension download
CatBlock CatBlock is like an ad blocker, but instead of blocking ads it shows you pictures of cats (configurable)

ads, catblock, cats, extension, ad, blocking, malware, original, adblock, top, ability, replaces, replace, blocks, configurable

AdBlocker Lite Chrome extension download
AdBlocker Lite Block ads seamlessly on popular websites

lite, ads, block, websites, mode, css, adblock, extension, full, rules, filtering, note, memory, list, cpu

AdBlockPro - Adblocker for Facebook & Youtube Chrome extension download
AdBlockPro - Adblocker for Facebook & Youtube Block unwanted ads for Youtube and Facebook.

youtube, facebook, ads, adblock, free, adblocker, pro, extension, block, removes, blocks, blocker, forget, rate, annoying

Facebook AD Blocker Chrome extension download
Facebook AD Blocker The Ultimate Facebook AD Remover!

extension, facebook, chrome, ad, small, page, terms, blocker, fb, adblocker, conditions, memory, loads, footprint, distractions

byPass Chrome extension download
byPass Bypassing advertise.

logic, link, v1, adf, ly, owners, comment, urls, http, bypassing, vote, extension, star, invalid, provide

Clear Chrome extension download
Clear Used by over 50 million people, a free ad blocker for Chrome that blocks ALL annoying ads, malware and tracking.

ads, clear, loading, load, blocks, setup, chrome, amp, maintenance, stopping, web, free, don, page, waste

YouTube Playlist Duration Chrome extension download
YouTube Playlist Duration This extension restores the handy playlist length feature that has been deprecated by YouTube.

duration, extension, playlist, youtube, feature, features, click, counter, source, chrome, code, https, installed, restores, doesn

The Adblocker Project Chrome extension download
The Adblocker Project A powerful ad blocker that blocks ALL ads but ads from publishers who shares revenues with targets YOU choose.

revenues, ads, extension, blocks, donate, shares, adblocker, choice, project, chrome, publisher, adblocking, powerful, blocker, ad

GaaNuVaek Chrome extension download
GaaNuVaek Tillader brugeren at fjerne irriterende meddelelser fra forskellige sider, som ikke accepterer, at brugeren bruger ad-blocking…

ikke, brugeren, ad, meddelelser, fra, blocking, sider, accepterer, som, extension, tillader, tilbyder, men, kun, selv

Adblock Plus Ultimate Chrome extension download
Adblock Plus Ultimate Used by 100 million people. A free ad blocker that blocks all annoying ads and more.

ads, blocks, ultimate, blocker, annoying, extension, free, chrome, online, adblocker, ad, users, adblock, kind, million

AdKiller-XenMe Chrome extension download
AdKiller-XenMe Video Ad Killer for YouKu / Tudou / Ku6

remove, ads, video, youku, tudou, google, chrome, ad, webstore, block, extension, site, union, tools, baidu

Minimal Tetris Friends Chrome extension download
Minimal Tetris Friends Reduces lag as much as possible by removing everything from the page except for the game itself.

quot, game, extension, window, lag, friends, userscript, tetris, due, slow, page, set, software, minimal, reduces

NonAd Block Chrome extension download
NonAd Block This extension blocks any content that is NOT an ad.

content, shows, extension, ad, important, performance, hackathon, stupid, sh, created, version, webpages, parts, block, chrome

Missionary Download Blocker Chrome extension download
Missionary Download Blocker Blocks all Missionary Downloads, they should be able to upload photos, not download files

chrome, disables, extension, download, missionary, screen, prevent, access, control, panel, downloads, photos, upload, blocks, filesthis

PDF Forcedownload Blocker Chrome extension download
PDF Forcedownload Blocker This extension prevents webservers from forcing pdfs to download rather than open in browser

extension, download, pdf, pdfs, websites, linked, open, forcing, browser, handle, files, solution, friends, preferences, commonly

The Ethical Ad Blocker Chrome extension download
The Ethical Ad Blocker The most ethical way to block all ads. By Darius Kazemi (Tiny Subversions).

ads, content, ethical, extension, ad, experience, free, user, website, don, blocker, chrome, kazemi, tiny, solution

114 AD Blocker Chrome extension download
114 AD Blocker A small tool helps to block the intruding China Telecom advertisement.

extension, chinatelecom, ad, page, ads, website, areas, designed, zhejiang, sites, china, www, intruding, tzinfo, net

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