Best Address Par Press Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Omnibox App Launcher Chrome extension download
Omnibox App Launcher Launch app from your Omnibox! (type 'app')

chrome address bar, press ctrl, app rest match installed apps, app press space tab input, installed chrome web apps, hotkey hint, press enter, chrome address, press spacetab, mac users, launch app, chrome web apps, press ctrll

github-find Chrome extension download
github-find A plugin for searcing within Github repos.

search box, github website, octocat icon, github repos, press ctlshiftf, viewing repository, plugin, address bar, repository, address bar press ctl shift

Edit this website Chrome extension download
Edit this website This extension allows you to edit webpages. Changes are not permanent.

press ctrlb, press ctrl, press f5, press ctrlc, paste text, refresh press f5, source code, permanent refresh, press ctrlu, edit webpages, press ctrlx, press ctrlz, unedited version

Aliexpress Search Chrome extension download
Aliexpress Search Quickly search on with browser address bar (omnibox), search on Aliexpress by image, photo or text on any pages

rightclick menu, easy search, browser address bar, click menu search, mouse button, quick menu, browser address bar omnibox, selection text, search aliexpress, click menu, browser address bar omnibox search, pages select text, follow search, easy extension, aliexpress search, pages press, similar goods products, press right, hit space, select search, image photo IP address lookup Chrome extension download IP address lookup Shows your internet ip address and give you general details about an IP address.

thing happens, ip address lookup lets, website log, hostname etc, internet ip address, general details, ip address, find information, ip address lookup, ip address tells, ip address identifies, ip address including location, general area

What's my IP address ? Chrome extension download
What's my IP address ? Quickly check your IP address

toolbar icon, another page, third party, ip address regularly, leave comments, new tab, new features, ip address, another ipchecker, detects change, public ip address, ip address mouse

I'm Feeling Lucky Chrome extension download
I'm Feeling Lucky Access i'm feeling lucky from the address bar! Type '\' and press Tab.

chrome address bar, press tab, tab key, feeling lucky, search keywords, google search results page, access, feeling lucky search result, press, address bar, search result, google top search result, top search result

Predictive Tab Key Auto Complete Chrome extension download
Predictive Tab Key Auto Complete Auto Completes Everything You Type In, Without Disturbing.

next word prediction, auto completes everything, suggestion popup boxes, press delete, show suggestions, auto completion, press shift, predicted text, complete words, press shift delete, press tab, press shift tab

Close Tab Chrome extension download
Close Tab A stationary button that closes the current tab. Clean up tabs with less effort.

active tab, stationary button, pinned tabs options screen, press ctrl w, close tab, visually hunting, keyboard input isnt, bug email address, options screen, address bar, happy chroming, saves time, close tabs

Get IP Address Chrome extension download
Get IP Address Get IP address quickly

copy address ip, ip address change, time, info ip, features, ip address quickly, interface pretty simple, ip address, ip quickly, benefit, info address ip

Open Link in Same Tab Chrome extension download
Open Link in Same Tab Makes links open in the same tab

individual links, add website, rightclick menu, press altb, new tab, left mouse button held, tab option, press alt, stops links, address bar, open link, links open, mouse button

Download Vimeo Videos, Premium Chrome extension download
Download Vimeo Videos, Premium Professional, simple downloader of any Vimeo video hosted anywhere on the web.

email address, premium version, right side, video played, cloud icon initiates, press refresh, video download, day trial, address bar, vimeo player, simple downloader, vimeo video

IP Address PRO 2.0 Chrome extension download
IP Address PRO 2.0 Get your IP Address with only one click!

ip address pro, single click, click, stars give, ip address, please rate, ip, ip address right, voted extension, hand ip address pro shows

My IP Address Chrome extension download
My IP Address My IP address extension determine current IP address in single click. It shows local and external internet protocol address.

time zone, local ip number, local ip, geographic location information, location information estimated, current ip address, local ip address, ip address extension, external internet protocol address, utc offset, ip address, browser specification opens

Caret Browsing Chrome extension download
Caret Browsing Browse the text of web pages using arrow keys.

caret browsing, next focusable control, click link, capturing arrow keys press, focused control, web pages, press enter, continue caret browsing, text box, press shift arrows, use arrow keys, arrow keys, press tab, press f7

Netflix Player Controls Chrome extension download
Netflix Player Controls Adds configurable keyboard controls to video playback on netflix.

configurable keyboard controls, hide mouse, adding keyboard remote controls, hide mouse pointer, keyboard press, reload web page, event page, reload keyboard press space, netflix playback engine, keypress space, pause keyboard press, keyboard controls, keys keyboard press, keyboard press turns, ie playpause keyboard press

DUDEN Chrome extension download
DUDEN This extension finds word in german Duden dictionary.

extension finds word, use, web page, simply press ddd tab, press enter, article, german duden dictionary, word case sensitive, press ddd, word

Google Map Add-On Chrome extension download
Google Map Add-On Select address on a page and search map

new browser, selected address, select address, web page, web view, browser extension, map searching, search map, address text, browser tab, address

InstAddr for Chrome Chrome extension download
InstAddr for Chrome Extension that notifies you of new e-mails received at your InstAddr e-mail address.

instaddr mail address, email address, functional disposable email address service, instaddr email address, kindle fire, manifest v3, disposable mail address, input box, sound notification, disposable email address, many email addresses, android iphone ipad, new emails

Type Racer Champion Chrome extension download
Type Racer Champion This extension will get you to the top of the type racer leader boards at

press ctrlshift1, pass verification press ctrl shift, rapidly hit spacebar, pass verification press ctrlshift2, typeracer, simply read, top, test begins, type racer leader boards, simply press ctrl shift, type

2048 AI Chrome extension download
2048 AI AI to complete the 2048 game. It can help you play the 2048 game and make a 2048 tile easily.

, official website, games official website press, usage install, game, press, ai, help, press, branched website, tile easily, website

IP-Address Chrome extension download
IP-Address Shows your IP address with some additional Information and adds easy copy and paste functionality!

easy copy, dns details, additional information, ip address information simply, domain information, rightclick context menu, shows country, ip address information, ip address, adds easy copy, clipboard automatically, ip adress, ip address shows

My IP address Chrome extension download
My IP address Find your IP address! See ISP, location, and DNS. Get IP address change alert and see your history.

ip address domain, ip address change, domain neighbors, popular dns based anti, dns servers, popular blocklists, shows detailed information, official registration information, ip address, asn information, antispam databases, isp asn bgp subnet dns, ip address domain neighbors, network information, ip address change alert, location isp dns, isp location

Keyboard Space Invaders Chrome extension download
Keyboard Space Invaders You must defend the Universe from the invaders. Press SPACE to start and to shoot the invaders. Move with right and left arrowkeys.

left arrowkeys, use space bar, space bar, press space bar, invaders, shoot, press space, universe, good time, controls press space bar, start

View IP address Chrome extension download
View IP address Quickly check your IP address and see some other information without opening an additional page

toolbar icon, additional third party page, copy ip button, unnecessary header, additional page, little window, ipv4 ip address, little window lets, ip address, proxy information, current public ip address

Spotify Omnibox Chrome extension download
Spotify Omnibox Search for tracks on Spotify and play them in the web player. Type: 'spot' in the address bar, then Spacebar Search for the…

artist, spacebar search, press enter, web player, artist select, search, type spot, popular track, address bar, artist voila

Winnipeg Free Press Enhancer Chrome extension download
Winnipeg Free Press Enhancer Makes Winnipeg Free Press a bit better.

browsing winnipeg free press, extension allows, annoying login required box, winnipeg free press, box, multiple tabs, login, user experience, opening multiple tabs, fixed minor bug, minor bug, bit, winnipeg free press bit

PowerSwitch Chrome extension download
PowerSwitch Switch tabs by typing

press command, emacs iswitchb, fullscreen windows, recent files, particular tab, toolbar button, switch tabs, command enter, press commandcontrolk, ten windows, tabs type, tabs press enter, tab switcher, certain kinds

IP Address Information by Chrome extension download
IP Address Information by Get all the details for the web page's IP address, including geolocation, network, ASN, and more.

tor vpn, reverse hostname, latitude longitude, full ip address information, context menu, approximate distance, ip address, data points, ipinfo website, postal code, website server, page ip address, asn details, io chrome extension

HTML Validator Chrome extension download
HTML Validator Tool to validate HTML of the current web page

validation results, local page mac, validate page press, current web page, page press cmd shift , keyboard shortcuts, validate local page, automatically click, html validator, inline validation, press cmd shift v, validator results, press ctrl shift v, validate page press ctrl shift, page press ctrl shift , local html, validate local page press, local page press esc, press ctrl shift, html code, validate html, w3c validator results

Harlem Shake Your Browser! Chrome extension download
Harlem Shake Your Browser! Shake Your Browser!

harlem shake press, dance amazing harlem shake, press f5 enjoy, upper right corner, harlem shake press f5 enjoy, browser, harlem browser shaker, suddenly decided, press, cool extension, red button, harlem, harlem shake shake

Ruby on Rails Search Kit Chrome extension download
Ruby on Rails Search Kit Instant access to the search bars every Rails developer needs

current tab, search boxes, press ctrl shift, shortcut extension, search bars, press enter, source code, default shortcut, search phrase, every rails developer needs, ruby gems, press ctrlshiftf

Easy Search Chrome extension download
Easy Search Press Ctrl+Shift+S (Command+Shift+S on a Mac) to search for the selected text on Google.

press ctrl shift, key combination ctrl shift, nifty extensions, current highlighted text, selected text, google search engine, command shift, search, press, quicky search, press ctrlshift, nifty extensions helps, google, simply press, key combination

What is my IP address? Chrome extension download
What is my IP address? What is my IP address?

ip whois information, country, detect, ip address, current public ip address, display, country code, details

Renter Be Aware: NYC Apt 311 Complaints Chrome extension download
Renter Be Aware: NYC Apt 311 Complaints Know the history of your NYC rental! While you browse for an apartment, see every 311 complaint lodged against its address since…

street address, every complaint, hari mohanraj, street address www, apartment address, real time, apartment listing, extension icon list, nyc rental, great deal, rental websites, street number, complete street address, nyc rental sites, nyc open data

LMGTFY Generator Chrome extension download
LMGTFY Generator Generates a URL to a "Let Me Google That For You" page.

search box, simple google search, several settings, simple question, lmgtfy button, search terms, create links, address bar, selected text, press search

Linker Chrome extension download
Linker Linker: Instantly share links with your friends

gmail dropbox mailtrack, email address, recipient email address, address bar toolbar, send link, serious reading, sending link, information visit, page address, select recipient, interesting site, email email, social network, send links

IP Address and Domain Information Chrome extension download
IP Address and Domain Information The Ultimate online investigation tool! See detailed information about every IP Address, Domain Name and Provider.

detailed information, whois data, ip info, ipv4 subnets ipv6 subnets, domain info, domain name, every domain, online investigation, social media activity, ip address domain, address information, every ip address, domain information, ip address, provider info, ultimate online investigation tool, hosted domains number, public ip address, ranking whois data

Tab Shuffle Chrome extension download
Tab Shuffle Join in the tab merry go round.

tab merry, press ctrl shift, join, round, tab shuffle, press, watch, ctrlshift

Bitcoin Sneak Peek Chrome extension download
Bitcoin Sneak Peek Instantly see the balance of a Bitcoin address mentioned on any web page.

orange juice fund, small icon, total received, web page, bitcoin address mentioned, source code, address, current balance, every web site, bitcoin address

findIT - Search for Salesforce Chrome extension download
findIT - Search for Salesforce Search Salesforce Accounts, Contacts and Leads via Chrome.

user guide, chrome address bar, first characters, don forget, search salesforce, salesforce credentials, press space, search salesforce records, search salesforce accounts, account contact

Bitcoin Address Lookup Chrome extension download
Bitcoin Address Lookup Lookup Bitcoin addresses from context menu.

select lookup bitcoin address, new tab, valid bitcoin url link, address info page, context menu, lookup bitcoin address, address lookup, lookup bitcoin addresses, url link, valid bitcoin, bitcoin address

IP to Location Chrome extension download
IP to Location Find Geographic location on the surface of Earth based on IP address. Lookup City, Region and Country from IP address.

time zone, location extension, determine address, universal time coordinate, utc offset universal time, ip address based, county community, available estimates, utc offset, ip address, show address, google maps opens, city region, visual location, geographic location

Imageless Chrome extension download
Imageless Removes images from any webpage. It's Simple, press 'ESC' to hide images, '~' (tilde) to show.

images, toggle image visibility, hide images, hide images tilde, press esc, imageless allows, esc, simple press esc, press tilde, show images, removes images

My IP Address Chrome extension download
My IP Address Find out your IP Address and other informations related to it.

ip address application, detailed information, isp provider country display, wull, useful informations, informations related, ip address application helps, country, map flag, isp provider, ip address, informations

Server IP Chrome extension download
Server IP View Server IP address or alias

loading multiple, current page, full ip address, server ip address, network traffic, hosts file, simple chrome extension, live servers, ip address, enough room, local development qc, multiple windows

PicTwitterFull Chrome extension download
PicTwitterFull Add zoom feature to twitter picture view.

trigger right click, press key picture, press shift key, twitter picture, poor english, twitter account, right click menu, half times, twitter picture view, zoom feature, picture press shift key, poor english explanation, spelling mistake modified

Typewriter Chrome extension download
Typewriter Typewriter simulation

making lines, second setting, key press, extension simulates, chrome website, options page, typewriter simulation, ding sound, mechanical typewriter, press keys

RepricingConsole for Chrome extension download
RepricingConsole for RepricingConsole for

press extension icon, update competitors prices, run repricing, set items display, smart formula configuration, new inventory pages, understandable configuration, new competitors prices, repricing press, press load items, extension icon, revolutionary new tool, competitors prices, original price

Local Image File Viewer Chrome extension download
Local Image File Viewer Next and previous buttons for viewing images in local file URLs to browse folders

previous image, press f11, body css, file urls, mac press commandshiftf, enter fullscreen, file image, reduce flicker, local file urls, local file system explorer, options page, local file, url bar matters, windows press f11, fullscreen slideshow steps

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