Best Auto Log Chrome Extension Alternatives

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BB10 / PlayBook App Manager Chrome extension download
BB10 / PlayBook App Manager List, manage and install apps on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook.

app, installation, save, browser, apps, loss, queue, simple, playbook, time, status, bar, kind, login, chrome

AwardWallet Chrome extension download
AwardWallet AwardWallet browser helper

awardwallet, extension, loyalty, login, auto, users, helperawardwallet, enables, added, https, program, browser, ve, websites, chrome

Auto Logout Chrome extension download
Auto Logout Automatically Logs you out of all logged in accounts on close of all browser windows in case you forget to sign out.

extension, accounts, automatically, chrome, computers, case, windows, sign, shared, browser, close, logged, logs, logout, forget

Manilla - Auto Login  Chrome extension download
Manilla - Auto Login Manilla Auto Login

extension, login, auto, manilla, quot, information, installed, accounts, browsers, chrome, account, ios, strongest, version, standard

Wordpress Site Manager Chrome extension download
Wordpress Site Manager This extension stores Wordpress sites. It also brings more functionality to the theme editor.

editor, extension, site, wordpress, code, codemirror, sites, login, theme, shift, including, functionality, improvements, page, bug

Advanced Auto Logout Chrome extension download
Advanced Auto Logout Logout from all the websites on single click

websites, log, chrome, easy, set, logout, extension, auto, automatically, computer, website, clickan, closing, ensure, snoops

SpeedyPassword Chrome extension download
SpeedyPassword SpeedyPassword

passwords, speedypassword, secure, password, facebook, online, websites, security, credit, banking, protects, card, hackers, keyloggers, master

Auto-fill user credentials Chrome extension download
Auto-fill user credentials A generic form auto-filler. Grabs credentials from the URL, and auto-populates the form

auto, password, form, username, login, url, credentials, https, portal, query, string, takes, paremters, parameters, fragments

Demandware With Ease Chrome extension download
Demandware With Ease Use Demandware Business Manager with ease!

sandbox, extension, password, demandware, sandboxes, menu, function, ease, site, login, input, passwords, auto, gain, account

NBA League Pass Auto Login Chrome extension download
NBA League Pass Auto Login International NBA League Pass Auto Login

open, nba, locally, credentials, login, auto, national, plugin, developed, tab, league, pass, property, feel, access

MySocialCloud Chrome extension download
MySocialCloud This extension will manage your logins and provide auto login functionality.

extension, saved, auto, provide, logins, password, passwords, access, leave, functionality, login, mysocialcloud, simply, website, vault

Producteev Auto-Login Chrome extension download
Producteev Auto-Login Skip the annoying Producteev homepage, and auto-click Login

login, producteev, auto, homepage, extension, account, enter, details, button, require, logged, click, true, directs, skip

Berkeley Authentication Autofiller Chrome extension download
Berkeley Authentication Autofiller Simplify the login process on

calnet, login, save, passphrase, extension, berkeley, id, chrome, options, auto, passphrases, auth, autofiller, click, sign

Mastering Physics Auto Login Chrome extension download
Mastering Physics Auto Login Automatically logs into the Mastering Physics website.

automatically, physics, mastering, chrome, login, extension, auto, logs, website, log

Free Mobile Auto Login Chrome extension download
Free Mobile Auto Login Insert automatiquement votre identifiant Free mobile sur la page d'identification de votre espace abonné.

votre, sur, vous, le, identifiant, la, pour, les, mobile, de, free, automatiquement, en, module, touches

Identacor Secure Auto-Login Chrome extension download
Identacor Secure Auto-Login Fast and Secure Single Sign-On access to today’s most widely used cloud applications.

applications, extension, access, identacor, secure, cloud, widely, chrome, world, sign, web, login, single, protected, destinations

Logout All Chrome extension download
Logout All Auto Logout from Social Network (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK.COM, OK.RU) after closing all chrome windows

logout, closing, good, chrome, page, twitter, auto, social, window, google, facebook, extension, ways, promote, http

LockR Login System Chrome extension download
LockR Login System Fills in Login information for selected sites

login, system, information, selected, sitesallows, fills, auto, chrome, extension, lockr

SonicWALL auto logon Chrome extension download
SonicWALL auto logon Tired of having to log in everytime on SonicWall?

sonicwall, logon, log, chrome, tired, extension, auto, everytime

miniOrange Secure Single Sign-On Plug-in Chrome extension download
miniOrange Secure Single Sign-On Plug-in Secure auto login to any app

plug, user, miniorange, sign, credentials, secure, application, single, discarded, auto, app, login, securely, extension, server

Titech Portal Auto-login Chrome extension download
Titech Portal Auto-login No more tedious matrix lookups!

login, extension, matrix, portal, hagward, source, titech, tedious, github, fills, auto, chrome, https, open, titechportal

FastBacker Auto-Pledge Chrome extension download
FastBacker Auto-Pledge This extension works with your FastBacker account to auto-pledge for subscribed pledge levels on Kickstarter projects.

pledge, auto, extension, v0, kickstarter, fixed, project, successful, pledges, added, enabled, extra, early, fastbacker, button

Pass box Chrome extension download
Pass box Passbox is a password manager. It manage your logins as a bookmark with auto-login functionality

passbox, password, login, google, account, authentification, process, bookmark, access, asked, provide, auto, functionality, setup, chrome

Multiuser Login For Facebook Chrome extension download
Multiuser Login For Facebook This Extension allows you to quickly switch between Facebook users on a shared computer.

facebook, login, computer, user, extension, logs, drop, shared, selected, page, list, password, share, quickly, husband

OpenID Chrome extension download
OpenID The OpenID helper enables you to login to a website without a single click.

login, openid, extension, enable, click, url, id, button, website, service, helper, enables, automatically, form, element

okta Autologin (Unofficial) Chrome extension download
okta Autologin (Unofficial) okta login page can't auto-fill account by Chrome password system, this extension can help you auto-login any * site

chrome, okta, extension, auto, login, unofficial, account, password, system, autologin, fill, page, site

Password Angel Chrome extension download
Password Angel Automatically fills login/password on a login form

password, extension, angel, login, products, downloaded, www, signing, automatic, manager, program, required, browser, tandem, auto

Stash Pull Request Notifier Chrome extension download
Stash Pull Request Notifier Stash Pull Request Notifier will let you know when you have pending reviews.

pull, stash, request, extension, alerts, contribute, pending, notifier, source, https, github, reviewers, snooze, view, scrum

BlueHost cPanel Auto Login Chrome extension download
BlueHost cPanel Auto Login Automatic login when visiting cPanel page.

cpanel, login, auto, visiting, chrome, automatic, work, correctly, quot, bypassing, continues, automatically, page, extension, bluehost

UofT Portal Auto Login Chrome extension download
UofT Portal Auto Login Remembers username and password for faster login

auto, username, portal, login, password, toronto, loginuniversity, faster, chrome, extension, remembers, remember, helper, utor, uoft

UF Auto-Login Chrome extension download
UF Auto-Login This is an auto-login for the webpage "", which is used to login for most University of…

login, page, quot, extension, auto, chrome, browser, password, username, stop, stored, users, simply, left, idp

Cybozu Auto Login Chrome extension download
Cybozu Auto Login Automatically loggin in Cybozu

cybozu, login, automatically, chrome, extension, auto, loggin

Georgia Tech Services Auto Login Chrome extension download
Georgia Tech Services Auto Login This extension logs you into gatech services automatically

services, gatech, descriptions, login, extension, auto, logs, write, hate, meta, writing, talk, tech, automaticallyautomatically, people

ION Auto Login Chrome extension download
ION Auto Login ION Auto Login Google Chrome Extension. This allows you to automatically login into your ION account. Install and Forget!

login, ion, extension, chrome, auto, google, account, install, automatically, forget

Link Worm Chrome extension download
Link Worm This extension allows you to easily share links with your friends.

extension, share, auto, service, free, register, login, loading, worm, page, friend, browsing, friends, select, simply

Firstmac money assistant Chrome extension download
Firstmac money assistant Firstmac money assistant.,

money, auto, timer, mouse, payee, transactions, extension, firstmac, au, line, stay, combines, website, supplied, assistant

MyUW Auto Login Tool Chrome extension download
MyUW Auto Login Tool This extension automatically logs you in to MyUW. 1.1: Fixed Icons

extension, password, login, myuw, quick, app, side, client, linked, page, options, netid, data, code, tool

Moodle auto-login for Chrome extension download
Moodle auto-login for Automatically presses the login-button on the SICT moodle page. Requires Chrome to auto-fill password.

auto, chrome, moodle, login, sict, extension, automatically, presses, button, password, fill, dk, requires, page, aau

Manilla - Auto Login [Staging] Chrome extension download
Manilla - Auto Login [Staging] Manilla Auto Login

login, plugin, auto, manilla, information, installed, chrome, accounts, browsers, quot, ios, strongest, version, standard, endorsed

MobageLogin Chrome extension download
MobageLogin Auto Login Mobage

test, macroukeoi, auto, extension, blog, chrome, login, def, pass1, jp, http, mobagelogin, mobage, fc2, abc

Kagura Plus Chrome extension download
Kagura Plus Adds more features to Kagura and fixes some cosmetic issues.

kagura, adds, bug, page, run, drop, launch, click, features, button, browser, top, full, extensibilitybat, table

AutoLog - Laurier Chrome extension download
AutoLog - Laurier Automatic login for LORIS, MyLearningSpace, and Navigator.

login, process, autolog, quot, mylearningspace, automatic, homepage, school, log, sites, consistently, update, auto, completes, works

Voxa - Email to Salesforce Integration Chrome extension download
Voxa - Email to Salesforce Integration Toggle on Voxa. Relax. It works silently, auto-logging, creating, and associating e-mails with Salesforce.

voxa, email, salesforce, auto, logging, creating, power, associating, unleashes, time, platform, response, accelerates, intelligence, extension

JIRA Personal Dashboard Chrome extension download
JIRA Personal Dashboard A Chrome extension to organize your JIRA's issues!

log, dashboard, chrome, extension, click, jira, interact, issue, workflow, favorite, filters, choose, auto, issues, start

Esse3 Auto Login Chrome extension download
Esse3 Auto Login Auto Login feature for Esse3 portals: no more annoying login requests on esse3!

login, annoying, auto, esse3, requests, feature, logs, automatically, portals, chrome, extension, intercepts

Auto login Chrome extension download
Auto login My Login ext.

login, iit, captive, nac, access, centre, network, guwahati, chrome, extension, ext, automatic, intranet, auto

EE Login Chrome extension download
EE Login Switch to your mod account at the click of a button

ee, auto, login, incognito, zone, added, fix, zones, issue, docked, detach, account, options, support, mod

Remove cookies for site. (Specially Facebook) Chrome extension download
Remove cookies for site. (Specially Facebook) Remove cookies for site (Specially Facebook).

facebook, chrome, version, cookies, remove, site, hl, pt, br, auto, specially, extension, webstore, detail, https

Auto Login Moodle Chrome extension download
Auto Login Moodle This extension allows automatically login to the Moodle system in University of Moratuwa

moodle, login, extension, system, university, chrome, automatically, moratuwa, auto

AU BlackBoard Auto Login Chrome extension download
AU BlackBoard Auto Login AU BlackBoard Auto Login

blackboard, login, auto, ment, script, extension, chrome, au, aarhus, simple, loginthis, university, portal

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