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Total browser extension plugins - 36
AVG Web TuneUp Chrome extension download
AVG Web TuneUp AVG Web TuneUp optimizes your online browsing experience

online, tuneup, extension, web, avg, free, company, active, users, world, browse, results, avoid, search, security

LastPass: Free Password Manager Chrome extension download
LastPass: Free Password Manager LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

lastpass, passwords, password, save, manager, secure, access, sites, tablet, security, free, computer, master, login, vault

Amazon Assistant for Chrome Chrome extension download
Amazon Assistant for Chrome Amazon's official browser extension. By installing you agree to the Conditions of Use at

assistant, amazon, save, conditions, shortcuts, product, installing, browser, day, extension, list, deal, time, spain, support

Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, Annotate Chrome extension download
Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, Annotate Screen capture for all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.

screenshot, capture, awesomescreenshot, image, features, chrome, page, specific, click, supports, screen, extension, awesome, comments, www

Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google) Chrome extension download
Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google) Tells the Google Analytics JavaScript not to send information to Google Analytics.

google, chrome, extension, analytics, browser, opt, en, intl, https, information, web, add, service, terms, js

Linkey Chrome extension download
Linkey Top sites at your fingertips!

sites, top, extension, access, linkey, popular, registration, needed, download, easy, quick, safe, fast, efficient, powerful

Okta Secure Web Authentication Plug-in Chrome extension download
Okta Secure Web Authentication Plug-in Okta Secure Web Authentication Plug-in

okta, cloud, applications, user, extension, plug, secure, identity, single, people, improve, thousands, mobile, adobe, allergan

Wappalyzer Chrome extension download
Wappalyzer Identifies software on the web

wappalyzer, extension, https, firefox, detects, applications, issues, frameworks, javascript, servers, web, platforms, ecommerce, systems, management

TunnelBear VPN Chrome extension download
TunnelBear VPN Rawwwr! Put a Bear in your browser and experience a more open and private Internet in seconds!

tunnelbear, browser, vpn, chrome, private, internet, windows, https, extension, websites, policy, applications, browse, privacy, public

feedly Mini Chrome extension download
feedly Mini The easiest way to add content to your feedly.

feedly, pages, rss, save, tag, content, share, extension, mini, reader, blog, add, chrome, great, millions

Highlight to Search Chrome extension download
Highlight to Search Highlight to Search allows you search keywords by highlighting instead of typing them into a search box.

search, keywords, google, extension, highlight, icon, en, chrome, box, intl, glass, easily, policy, http, html

Print Chrome extension download
Print Print the current page you see.

print, button, google, browser, page, option, design, https, web, project, chrome, night, video, focus, turn

YouTube Tools: TubeBuddy Chrome extension download
YouTube Tools: TubeBuddy YouTube Tools: The Premier YouTube Channel Management and Video Optimization Toolkit

videos, youtube, find, perform, extension, tubebuddy, subscribers, branding, screenshots, custom, thumbnails, list, tools, cards, updates

Right Inbox for Gmail Chrome extension download
Right Inbox for Gmail Schedule emails in Gmail to be sent later. Create recurring emails, set reminders and follow up conversations

time, inbox, emails, email, schedule, gmail, conversations, feel, send, understand, methods, ideas, input, tool, effective

Instapaper Chrome extension download
Instapaper Instapaper browser extension to save links for offline reading.

instapaper, page, save, saving, extension, original, queue, browser, android, ipad, signup, iphone, account, read, pages

AutoPagerize Chrome extension download
AutoPagerize A browser Extension for auto loading paginated web pages. AutoPagerize use in many web site, and provide efficiently web browsing.

web, extension, autopagerize, efficiently, site, auto, paginated, loading, browser, provide, chrome, pages, browsing

Video Downloader All Chrome extension download
Video Downloader All Video Downloader All is a free and useful browser extension for downloading online videos

video, download, downloader, media, sites, copyright, format, plugin, youtube, behavior, questions, extension, browser, computer, popular

Twoo Notifications Chrome extension download
Twoo Notifications The completely renewed Twoo browser extension is the perfect way to stay up to date with all your Twoo activity, even when you're…

twoo, agreement, application, extension, website, terms, ll, time, conditions, license, browser, company, page, service, quot

Windscribe - Free VPN and Ad Block Chrome extension download
Windscribe - Free VPN and Ad Block Windscribe VPN helps you mask your physical location, circumvent censorship, block ads and trackers on websites you use every day.

vpn, block, windscribe, content, privacy, browser, access, personal, tracking, data, location, stop, websites, extension, online

AOL OneClick Chrome extension download
AOL OneClick Provides quick access to for entertainment

aol, extension, chrome, includes, quick, tab, time, open, stories, homepage, load, easily, features, love, entertainmentaol

ng-inspector for AngularJS Chrome extension download
ng-inspector for AngularJS Inspector pane for AngularJS apps

inspector, scope, angularjs, extension, pane, github, suggestions, reports, model, console, address, angular, bar, button, logo

Zoom Chrome extension download
Zoom Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button for more comfortable reading.

zoom, extension, web, video, browser, page, website, button, google, option, youtube, lights, increase, player, default

NeoBux AdAlert Chrome extension download
NeoBux AdAlert An extension which notifies you when there are new advertisements available

extension, updated, advertisements, ll, browser, single, distance, balance, mini, neobux, click, notify, space, exclusive, takes

Web Scraper Chrome extension download
Web Scraper Tool for data extraction from websites

data, web, scraper, extension, pages, chrome, site, submit, github, scraped, browser, extraction, https, google, sitemaps

Browser extension for Ordnett Pluss Chrome extension download
Browser extension for Ordnett Pluss Allows you to search in the dictionary software Ordnett Pluss directly from your browser.

pluss, ordnett, extension, soft, rights, browser, chrome, program, developed, portions, hovering, shift, ctrl, pressing, software

SteamWizard Chrome extension download
SteamWizard SteamWizard is a browser extension that helps loading additional information for CS:GO items on the steam community market.

steamwizard, csgozone, extension, net, features, user, pattern, float, market, steam, items, values, solely, cs, information

NewsHub Chrome extension download
NewsHub The NewsHub team has developed a live news timeline extension that has been designed with the users in mind.

news, extension, headlines, live, convenient, latest, newshub, updates, displays, chrome, website, track, concise, focus, designed

MyPoints Score Chrome extension download
MyPoints Score Score alerts you to Point-earning opportunities and coupon codes when you shop. Score does the work. You get the savings.

mypoints, score, shopping, points, coupon, extension, alerts, codes, point, button, complete, purchase, credited, opportunities, earning

SaferVPN - FREE VPN | Privacy & Unblock Sites Chrome extension download
SaferVPN - FREE VPN | Privacy & Unblock Sites The fastest and simplest FREE Chrome VPN. Unblock any website and browse the web privately, with a single click.

vpn, access, online, browse, extension, safervpn, chrome, service, enjoy, internet, unblock, ip, prevent, personal, streaming

Tunnello VPN - Unblock, Ultra-Fast & Secure! Chrome extension download
Tunnello VPN - Unblock, Ultra-Fast & Secure! Fast, Simple & Secure. Best solution to unblock any websites, video or apps. Bypass censorship & change your location

tunnello, vpn, access, internet, change, unblock, websites, secure, prevent, data, blocked, address, twitter, channel, simple

Quick Note Chrome extension download
Quick Note The quickest way to take notes in Chrome, as quick and slick as the best desktop note-app.

app, quick, note, click, chrome, notes, access, http, diigo, ly, extension, suggestions, bug, policy, improvements

Greenhouse Chrome extension download
Greenhouse Expose the influence of money in Congress by downloading the new browser extension. Join the fight to end political corruption.

data, greenhouse, congress, real, campaign, hover, click, http, donation, highlights, money, work, total, extension, head

ZenHub for GitHub Chrome extension download
ZenHub for GitHub ZenHub – Project Management Inside GitHub

zenhub, github, management, task, features, robust, issues, extension, project, epics, ingrained, suite, integrations, tool, rackspace

The Package Tracker Chrome extension download
The Package Tracker Get your package info instantly from your home and new tab page!

package, extension, tab, search, sites, home, uninstall, chrome, page, tracker, time, terms, saferbrowser, click, delivery

Browse Plus Chrome extension download
Browse Plus See offers and compare prices directly in Chrome.

offers, online, deals, browse, products, extension, prices, shopping, reads, page, merchants, recommendations, viewing, chrome, understands

Find Free Recipes Chrome extension download
Find Free Recipes Search your favorite recipes instantly from your home and new tab page!

recipes, search, tab, sites, favorite, extension, access, page, click, home, chrome, food, time, uninstall, free

Login Email Now Chrome extension download
Login Email Now Access to your favorite email sites instantly from your new tab page!

email, time, login, access, extension, tab, click, page, chrome, sites, account, fast, waste, saferbrowser, search

PhotoMania Chrome extension download
PhotoMania Create amazing effects and edit any online photo !

photomania, web, application, extension, photo, effects, chrome, online, exciting, selected, edit, photos, bring, websites, amazing

Defender (Verified) Chrome extension download
Defender (Verified) Get personalized recommendations directly in Chrome, when you browse and shop online.

online, product, recommendations, extension, price, shop, offers, similar, shops, chrome, stores, list, verified, database, assistant

PriceZombie Price Tracker & Price Comparison Chrome extension download
PriceZombie Price Tracker & Price Comparison Price tracker and price comparison across many stores including Amazon, BestBuy, Target, HomeDepot, Fry's, and more!

price, pricezombie, stores, prices, amazon, comparison, history, products, target, supported, lets, deal, extension, retailers, tracker

Twitch Live Chrome extension download
Twitch Live Twitch TV extension for displaying a user's favorite channels which are currently live.

extension, twitch, tv, clicking, live, user, open, icon, api, favorite, chrome, minor, notifications, window, notification

Meldium Browser Extension Chrome extension download
Meldium Browser Extension Meldium is a powerful password & account manager for teams. Instead of sharing spreadsheets of passwords, your team can access all…

meldium, teams, free, extension, powerful, apps, passwords, web, team, access, people, service, screen, password, sharing

ABlock Chrome extension download
ABlock Alerts blocking

sites, ablock, free, takes, including, blocking, web, ads, extensions, browser, create, toll, process, couple, fact

Enpass Password Manager Chrome extension download
Enpass Password Manager Enpass Password Manager extension for Google Chrome

enpass, desktop, passwords, browser, cards, manager, credit, notes, application, extension, password, windows, release, create, strong

SmaSurf for Web Browser Extensions Chrome extension download
SmaSurf for Web Browser Extensions Play the 4x and LF inverted YouTube. Currency conversion display the Amazon.

video, amazon, youtube, search, quick, playback, browser, currency, conversion, extensions, chrome, player, mirror, items, web

Second Home Chrome extension download
Second Home You can regist another favorite web site as second home and open it with one click.

home, extension, regist, tanimura, naokitanimura, site, web, favorite, url, developed, naoki, http, open, chrome, wordpress

JSTorrent Helper extension Chrome extension download
JSTorrent Helper extension Used alongside the JSTorrent BitTorrent Chrome app, adds extra functionality

jstorrent, extension, version, install, chrome, give, torrent, quot, adds, links, app, application, bittorrent, installed, breeze

Post to Tumblr Chrome extension download
Post to Tumblr Post to Tumblr right from your browser toolbar!

browser, extension, post, cool, browsing, tumblr, music, links, quotes, bookmarklet, photos, text, effortlessly, blog, videos

TradingView Free Quotes and Chat Chrome extension download
TradingView Free Quotes and Chat Follow free market quotes, your watchlist, public and private chats from TradingView, while surfing the web in any browser tab.

tradingview, browser, free, extension, market, quotes, financial, chats, watchlist, chrome, forex, bitcoin, open, site, share

Inoreader Companion Chrome extension download
Inoreader Companion Quickly view your updated feeds, subscribe to your currently opened site and more...

inoreader, save, unread, articles, feeds, extension, full, updated, search, viewing, browsing, companion, reader, power, site

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